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Wanted-Good Triumph motorbike mechanic

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by jypt, Aug 3, 2007.

  1. Wanted
    Good Triumph motorbike mechanic

    I am looking for a good honest Triumph mechanic to do work on my bike. He/She can be currently employed at a workshop where I can ask for them to work on my bike or work from home, either way they must treat my bike with the same care as I do.

    This person must be talented and knowledge in the area of Triumphs and bikes this way every body is happy when its time to pay the bill, if you know what I mean.

    If anybody could recommend someone they have been to or know of that would be great.

    My location is the eastern suburbs.
  2. Umm, if you want the BEST Trumph mechanic is Australia, it's Charlie @ Turn One Motors.

    Turn One Motorcycle Pty Ltd
    # 34 Stubbs St Kensington 3031
    # (03) 9372 1299

    And his price is fairly cheap. I've read a fair bit of people shipping their bikes to him from other states (and NZ) as they won't trust anyone else in Australia to touch their Trumpys. I'm the same :grin:
  3. Thanks Undii

    I work in Sth Melbourne so Kensington isnt to far, i will check it out.
  4. Just call me Wazza :wink: :grin: And happy to help, just be aware to book in a lil' bit before you actually want work done if you don't want to be week(s) later in getting work done than you actually wanted it to be originally done :)

    You won't have any worries about the work of Charlie, he knows his stuff. (ex "official" Triumph worker I think)
  5. I can second that Charlie is the best man to go to - and not just for triumphs !!

    He is an incredibly funny man. Oh and he's a decent mechanic too. :LOL:

    Just don't take your bike in to him with a loose throttle grip! :p
  6. or a wobbly gear pedal.... :grin: you'll see
  7. Just curious - what does he have to say about a wobbly gear pedal?

    I might have to loosen mine up next time I take a bike it in to him to find out. :LOL:
  8. Another vote for Charlie - managed to get him to service my bike through association, and did a good job. Just ignore his peculiarities, and you'll get along fine. :wink:
  9. he wasn't happy with my loose throttle grip, gear shift lever, clutch freeplay and mushy front brake...... a bit like going to a dentist with too many cavities. :? he said he'll make it very good which he did.

    But he does a very good job...not only on Triumphs.
  10. I'm looking for the same but in brisbane. i do most my own work but have a daytona 955i 1999 and dont have any way of playing with the computer so have to leave that part to some one alse.
  11. Triumph

    Get your self a 'Tuneboy' , I purchased it for my bike & downloaded a tune that has been built up on a dyno by someone else & I've got a 10 h.p. increase.
    I'm currently setting up my garage @ home. I do all my own work as I was service manager @ a nearby Triumph dealership a while ago. I run a roadrace sidecar & build my own race engines. If I can help with anything drop me a PM. Duncan
  12. Well you were right!

    I was passing through the area of Kensington and thought why not take the opportunity to see what Charlies place is like.

    Pulled up and parked the bike right at his door, it didnt take long before i knew who Charlie was, down tools and straight over for a chat.

    You said it, the bloody throttle was his first call and he got it right to. I have been getting a numb thumb lately and was wondering what i could do about it.
    He told me everything that was going on with my bike before i could even lay my helmet down.
    It needs this and this doesnt sound to good and he proved by testing the computer program, only to find out it was the wrong program installed.
    As for the tyres, well who fitted them on, theyre the wrong size he says.
    After a brief chat he assured me to leave it with him and i will get a new bike back and as he had a late arrival, the timing was there if i wanted it otherwise i would have to wait until October.
    Its going to cost me (and the other half aint to happy seeing as i have only had it for 4 weeks) but what the heck he won me over with his keeness in Triumphs and bikes in general.

    There is nothing worse than getting done especially as it has happened 3 times so far. Not all with the Trumpy of course but nevertheless there are overpriced, underknowledged and uncaring sharks out there all too happy to take your money and give you nothing in return.

    He knew I was referred and was happy to acknowledge it as well, nice guy this Charlie lets hope you are all right in your recommendations and my 1000 bucks goes well spent.
  13. Its nice to know that there are nice people in this world.

    Just a short note to say thanks for the tip on Charlie.

    His work and care factor is exceptional (care is an understatement) and is exactly what I was looking for, never before have I felt so good about handing over my money to someone before for doing work on my bike.

    And the best thing was he didnt put stickers on my bike advertising his business, I hate when people do that especially with out my approval.

    You can now add me to the list of Charlie referrers.

    Vote for Charlie!
  14. Charlie

    Charlie's a good guy. Can do a lot of stuff the official workshops can't or wont do.
  15. hey Sidecar, do you know of any place other than PeterStevens to source parts for Triumphs locally. Nothing in particular...just for future reference.

    JYPT...glad you are happy with him. Next time book ahead and the wait won't be so long. BTW you could also source a manual for your bike and do the minor and major services yourself...not that hard and save some serious money.
  16. Triumphs

    As Stevo's are the importer into Oz it's hard to get bits here from anyone else. Try the internet overseas a lot of companies can ship stuff really fast now.
  17. The large unmarked warehouse a few doors down from Charlie's place is Triumph Australia. You can't go in there and buy stuff, but he can! :wink:
    (Just remember that he's running a business).
  18. Does Charlie hire out loaner bikes for the day while you're getting your bike serviced?
  19. No.