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wanted : good quality plastic welding.....

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by oz_johnno, Nov 27, 2009.

  1. Hi there,
    I have an old CBR1000F which is in good condition apart from the cracked side panels.

    Rather than paying $600 for 2 new side panels, I was hoping that I could get the existing panels plastic welded.

    Does anyone know of a place in melbourne that does really good quality plastic welding ??


  2. Cable ties and a soldering iron.

    Its a fairly simple process if its just a crack, and fairly strong depending how much plastic you add to it (standard black cable ties are the perfect plastic compound I've heard)
    Afterwards it just requires sanding it smooth and repainting.

    Would probably be better if you added fibreglass reinforcing or something on the inside to stop it happening again too.

    Won't be as pretty on the INSIDE than a professional job, but it could save you a f**ktonne of money
    Also repainting (depending how you go about it) could be the most costly part


    [edit]: but if there is a place that can do it nice and cheaply, I'd say go with them. I just wouldn't think its a cheap process for a business to do due to mostly labour costs
  3. I wouldnt use a soldering iron and cable ties on my bike....
    I dont know of anywhere to get it done, but i use to work for a plumbing mob welding plastics (PE and PP mostly but also some PVC). I welded pipes for water mains, membrane liners and covers for dams and tanks. I also did some fabrication work for all sorts of things.

    Im not saying it wouldnt work, but id get it done by a professional.
    If you want a quick fix untill you get new panles then just fiberglass it, cheap and easy!

    Good luck mate and if you find a good place post up details and pics of there work would be cool :)

  4. I'd also like to point out my idea is for ageing bikes with more "character" than class

    Anything relatively late model deserves proper attention.

    Also: may we see what these cracks are? surface or completely through?