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Wanted - East Coast Mechanic for old 2 stroke road bike

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by TonyMax, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. I have a project bike, it's a 1985 Kawasaki KR250A which runs, but it runs VERY badly.

    Here it is running:

    Here is what I would like it to run more like (this bike is not mine):

    Can anyone recommend a workshop/mechanic/backyard enthusiast preferably in NSW/VIC who knows more than the average about tandem twins or old school 2 strokes and might want to take on making this engine run better?

    Once it runs properly then I can do most other things myself (making things pretty, replacing chain and sprockets, brakes, suspension, tyres etc.) but I don't want to throw away any unnecessary funds on something that doesn't run.

    Any help would be great.

    Even if you are a bit of a DIY demon if you are confident I would be willing to discuss options.

    I guess replies by PM or post here as long as recommending a workshop doesn't contravene forum rules?


  2. sounds like only 1 cylinder is firing.....

    I have attached 3 pages from the manual that detail primary gear timing, damper springs, etc may help..

    KR250A-5-11_big. KR250A-5-12_big. KR250A-5-13_big. .
  3. I have a manual, but this is all beyond me at the moment, I'm seeking a person to fix it not help with doing it myself :).
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    Take the spark plugs out and have a look.....the plug will be very wet on the cylinder that is not firing....is the wet plug sparking ( test outside the cylinder ). If neither plug is excessively wet, start it....the cylinder that's not firing will have a cold exhaust pipe. ( This scenario check this cylinders' carb that isn't blocked or the float needle gummed shut... ie. no fuel )

    BTW...you have tried new plugs?? The thing will never run with fouled plugs, moreso if its a bit out of tune.

    I know the KR250's that I had in the past were fairly critical on clean dry plugs ( 2-3000kms is the average plug lifespan ).
    Also helps to use high quality synthetic 2 stroke oil....lawnmower or outboard 2 stroke oil just isn't good enough. ( Motul 800 or my preference was always ELF HTX976 )
  5. From memory rear cylinder is top pipe, I could be wrong its been 20 years or so since I looked at one. Smoke would seem to indicate somethings burning connected to the bottom pipe. No revs may indicate a clogged exhaust. ie build up of oil and soot. In these 'enlightened' days its not environmentally responsible to stick a flame in the end and burn the muck out, it causes great gobs of smoke and turns your carbon footprint into a carbon footy field.
    I got booked at 180kph on 1 many years ago..
  6. Damn strokers are pure p0rn.........