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Wanted - crock-pot/slow cooker recipes.

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by I Adore Vic, Aug 19, 2007.

  1. Hey all. I'm thinking of buying a crock-pot/slow cooker today so as I can chuck tea on in the morning and have it cook all day and ready to eat by the time I get home.

    My Mum and Nana used to have crock-pots and swore by them!

    Does anyone here have a crock-pot and if so, do you have any recipes to share??? :grin:

    It'd make a world of difference coming home at night knowing tea is ready to serve up.

    Also, one thing I'm worried about is safety. What if it overboils? :shock: What if it burns? :shock: What if...etc etc? Are these things safe to leave on for an entire day, unsupervised???

    Thanks for any suggestions/knowledge.


  2. Perfectly safe to leave on all day :)

    I use one, my Mum uses one, they're great...

    There are recipe books for slow cookers, one I have is "Slow Cooker" by Sara Lewis (ISBN: 9780600614647)
  3. I love my slow cooker.

    I haven't left mine on unsupervised during the day, although I have left it overnight. A couple of things to remember is to use lots of liquid, more than if you were cooking on the stove. Because it is such a low heat it should not boil, just simmer.

    On that note check/test the temp when you first use it, I was using my mum's old crockpot (from the 80's) and when I bought my new one it was a lot warmer than hers (I wonder why :?: ) and I burnt the first thing I cooked in it. Lucky I had very polite guests who ate it without complaining (I wouldn't have, but I was at work :LOL: ). Apparently the cheaper cuts of meat are better for slow cooking as well, and anything on the bone.

    As far as recipes go normally I'll just Google whatever ingredients i have in the cupboard/fridge and see what comes up. My fave has been this one http://www.rd.com/content/passover-recipe-burgundy-lamb-shanks/
    (a tin or two of chopped tomatos works really well in this as well and if there are leftovers you can reduce the liquid down, break up the meat and have it with pasta......yum!!)

    Pretty much anything will taste better after it's been cooking for 8 hours.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions guys. I'm gonna go buy one now. lol. The lamb shanks recipe will be my first test. :grin: I lurrve lamb shanks :grin:
  5. Rosie, I have a few crockpot cookbooks, I will PM you some recipes... just give me an idea of what sort of flavours you like, and next time we catch I will lend them too you :)

    (I am the queen of cookbooks, I have a library of over 300 :oops: )
  6. I used to be very heavily into cooking. I used to post on the Discuss Cooking forum.

    It's fairly heavily Yank-centric, but they do love their slow-cookers so it should be useful.
  7. remoteImage-1.
    where would you like me to start? :cool:
    btw- a cafe without liquor licence can only score 14 in total, i rocked.....once :(

    lamb shanks!!!!!!
  8. lol, Joel....
    I always knew you were more than "just a pretty font" :LOL:
  9. Just where in Mogo is your place Joel? And what time does the dinner bell ring? :p

    Is the Willow Cafe place still as good Joel? Might be another day trip once I can two-up.
  10. unfortunately, after i was forced to retire from the cooking game (due to chronic dermatitis from exposure to a chemical found in tomato, eggplant and potato) poor old willow only lasted 12mths :( it is now sydney st cafe, and is quite good but since my departure from the game they have not qualified for the GFG. nor has any other rest./cafe in the area :?


    didnt expect a map, did ya?!? :LOL:
  11. Burgundy lamb shanks is on! I got a 4.5 litre Sunbeam slow-cooker for $50 from BigW.

    Lamb shanks are expensive! I don't think we'll be having those very often!

    I had a look at the website Haggismaen - should keep me busy for a while. :wink:

    Caz - 300 :shock: At least you've got plenty of options as to what to cook. I've gotten to the stage where I'm relying on two cookbooks to give me the week's meals...we're eating the same stuff over and over. Is getting quite boring. :LOL: As for meats/flavours - we're into beef, chicken, pork, lamb, duck...the girls like most flavors but nothing too strong/spicy/rich.

    Joel! I forgot you were a chef extraordinaire! ;) Got any quick and easy to prepare recipes for the slow cooker?? As I said above, the girls are into most meats and flavors apart from too rich/spicy etc. What are your fav's?? :)
  12. Ktulu's Super Duper so you've been 4WDing and Drinking in the Bush all Day and Ur totally STARVING Stew:

    Ingredients: 1 x sweet potato, 6 x normal potato, 2 x carrot, 2 x onion, some pumpkin if you like, 500-800g of diced lamb [depending on how many people you're feeding], salt, curry-powder, MagicalMakesEverythingTasteGood Secret Ingredient...

    Step 1: Build a fire so big and hot that it melts beer bottles.
    Step 2: Peel and dice all ingredients [except the lamb which is already diced... and peeled, ewwwww] into similar sized chunks, about twice the size of the chunks of lamb.
    Step 3: Place all prepared ingredients into cast iron pot. Add a dash of salt, and a level tablespoon of curry powder. Fill with water. Place lid on top.
    Step 4: Rake some coals out of the fire to make a bed for the pot. Place pot on coals for 30 minutes.
    Step 5: Remove lid to check food, add MagicalMakesEverythingTasteGood Secret Ingredient - top water back up, replace on coals for additional 20 minutes.

    Remove, drain as much water as you can: serve.

    MagicalMakesEverythingTasteGood Secret Ingredient is "McCormick's Spicy BBQ Seasoning... seriously, add this stuff to ANY meat and it makes it taste good. If you think you've burnt the pork steaks or something and dinner's totally rooted: just add some of this and awesomeness will dance across your taste-buds and up into your brain where it will stay for approximately 2-4 minutes after every bite.
  13. caution - technical cooking garble ahead.

    slow cookers, i love mine.
    the most important thing about a slow cooker is that you still have to whip out the skillet/frypan to impart those delicate flavours on what you are making.
    lets simplify a little; lets make a meat (on bone) type stew-type-thing.
    get your meat cuts, and dust them very lightly with flour.
    get a spanking hot frypan with a lil' bit of oil and seal your cuts, all over, or on both sides (depending on what it is). Once they have a bit of golden colour, then chuck them in the crockpot (not turned on yet).
    get your vegetables inc. onion, garlic, whatever else and start to fry them off one by one (or all if you are lazy), cooking until they get that sweet caramelized aroma and chuck them in to the pot, on top of the cuts.
    now decide, red, white, or wimpy :LOL:

    beef = red
    lamb = red
    veal = white
    pork = red or white
    chicken = white
    wimpy = water/stock only

    with the pan still hot, chuck in half a cup :shock: of the vino of your choice, swish it around until it picks up all the brown stuff from the pan, then pour this in to the pot too (that, is where the FLAVA is :grin: )
    now top it up wioth your choice of stock (or for lamb i just use water) and let her cook on auto until you can be bothered getting back to it.

    when you do decide it is time for service, check the consistency of the saucy veg stuff, and thicken with cornflour/water until you are happy.

    eat, and feel fat from the glorious richness of a slow cooked meal :rofl:

    that is the basic principles of slow cookery, you can adapt any number of ingredients in to this, but remember, herbs go in at the very end....5mins before serving and if you leave it toooo long, you might need to chuck some more moisture in.
    also, dont adjust seasoning until shortly before you are going to serve, water will evaporate which will enhance flavours and make them too intense if you adjust it early.

    yeah, shanks are not an every night thing but they are so damn good!!
  14. Bah! I brown everything of in my big 5L saucepan and make it all in there on the stove.
    Throw it all together and let it sit a few hours. Make HEAPS, it keeps just fine for a week.
    And just buy any old meat that's on special, it all tastes great after several hours of slow cooking! Remember, these dishes were developed by people who were not well off, just throw anything in that's on special, including vegies. I can't think of a vegie/meat combo that won't work.
    Andrew's big tip: if it is tasting a little bland, don't spare the Worcestershire sauce! :p

    Regards, Andrew.
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  16. In one of my previous lives, I had a cook book addiction :?
    I could not go shopping without coming home with a new book :roll:
    I am clean now.... :wink: I have kicked the habit.
    I have not bought a cook book for nearly 3 years. :LOL:

    But, I do think its time to offload some, so expect a pile next time we catch up :grin: