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VIC wanted: cheap 600+, few guidelines...

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by enigma--, Jun 4, 2010.

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  1. gday.

    since i crashed back in march, i have been saving my few pennies (as a first year apprentice :p ) and have decided it is time to get another bike. sadly, as i am keen to get back on and not on very much money, i am going for the buy a cheaper bike option.

    this, of course, limits my options thoroughly, so i thought id make a little list, and see if anyone out there, had anything.

    off lams, so preferably 600cc+
    road bike (though some road trails would be considered to try this side of things out :) )
    cosmetics dont matter so much, mechanically fine.
    RWC would be good.
    less than 4k ideal, though less is good, a bit more depends on the specific bike.

    browsing bike sales etc, a lot seem to be overpriced or look to be in shocking condition. looking along the lines of cbr6/9, zx6/7, etc, equivelants nakeds, crashed bikes that are still rwc minus fairing, 1200bandit etc. you get the idea.

    ill wrap this ramble up now, if anyone has something, id love to know about it!

    thanks :)
  2. bikesales has a couple of incredibly low-mileage 600 Hornets, 1998 - 1999 for $4,500 ->
  3. You expecting a check from Honda anytime soon, Hornet? :p
  4. No, but I might get a cheque :LOL:

    Seriously, though, a 600 with the sort of longevity I've experienced for around $4,000 has to be considered (145,000 kms, so far)
  5. Oh ffs. Thats twice in one day I've been corrected.

    I'm losing my edge.
  6. you mean that's twice in a day :LOL:
  7. cruel hornet, cruel :rofl:
  8. Check, Piston broke. always has some bargains.

    Had a FZR1000 for $3000 recently (mines done over 300,000)
  9. Bah. When the world is mine you will all suffer for this.
  10. Thanks for the input Hornet and Hawklord... and uh, thanks to the others, too :p
  11. You're welcome. I'm always happy to derail a thread. In fact, I generally make a point of doing so.
  12. thanks, now go buy a sportsbike, crash it, and sell it to me for 4000 :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.