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Wanted: Boot repairer recommendations, Melbourne

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by robsalvv, Oct 26, 2006.

  1. Bloody search keeps coming up with "Can't find server".

    Looking for some recommendations for mc boot repairs. The local leather place in Pier st. Altona isn't game to do work on the boots.


  2. Medal boots in Fitzroy.

    Try the links directory ;)
  3. There's a leather repairer in Errol St. North Melbourne next to the library. They just patched up the holes in my gloves cheaply and effectively and they do boots as well.

    Owned by a guy called Manfred that owns an old skool Ducati 900 and a Rocket III.
  4. Thanks gents!

    Vic... are you sure about Medal being in the links????? The "links directory" search function doesn't drag up Medal boots and I'm buggered if I can find them manually!


  5. Don't forget - the good folks at Medal Boots have let their son set up a computer repair shop in the front - you need to go up the lane (on the left if you face the shop) and then take a right down another short lane to find them.

    You could also try Walkalong in 515 Camberwell Road, Camberwell - the owner is a rider (a BMW, so he must be good!)

  6. Walkalong are good for repairs and, depending on the type of damage, there's a little shoe repair place in Walpole Street, Kew who repairs bike boots....
  7. Yep, just as soon as you add them.

    I wasnt implying that they were in there, I was implying that you may find other repairers in there.

  8. Thanks folks! My busted zipper will have some place to go as soon as I can orgynize myself.

    AFAIK Medal doesn't have a web link or presence. Link submitted all the same.

    Note, there aren't any options for clothing repairers.

  9. Finally made it to Medals. A quiet mum and pop outfit. The lady is a hoot and she thinks they can do what I need on the boots. Woot!

    Two zippers replaced and boot enlargened in the calf area as a result...