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Wanted: Bike Instructor Western Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Old Wise Goth, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. Hi all

    Glad I discovered this forum, as I'm looking for someone to give me some bike lessons. I've had a bike licence for almost 40 years, but haven't ridden for 35 of them. I don't want to go to a formal training school ... just looking for a patient and handsome gentleman (well, just patient will do). I bought a Harley about five years ago, but I found that I'd lost my nerve, so I sold it within a short space of time. But I still dream of those pre-helmet wind-in-the-hair days of my youth :happy:

    I've got an unregistered postie bike (bit of a come-down from the Harley), but I'm really looking for someone who might have a second bike (small), and a nice long drive-way for me to practice going up and down

    If you think you can meet the challenge, kindly email me with your fees etc. Thanks so much!

  2. well what are you waiting for men? go get some :D
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  3. Thanks a lot goz! I'm sure that'll help:cool:
  4. I should add that I'm not sexist. If the woman whose photo appears on the right hand side of this website wants to contact me, I'm OK with that ;)
  5. You could try Sydney Bike Training. Mick McLoughlin is a good trainer but I don't know how far west he goes. He does private lessons at Homebush and does have a couple of small bikes for use by trainees.

  6. Aye, that lassie does have lovely eyes. :)

    How far west are we talking?

    How hard is it likely to be to get the postie regoed?

    My "small" bike is very small, but has a lot of attitude, think Tassie Devil, so it might not be what you need.

    I do have a really nice dead-end road, that, thru the week is pretty well empty, to play on.
  7. Ozmotorcycleleat - Thank you for this suggestion. Will check it out!
  8. BanzaiElise - Thank you for this suggestion.Will check it out!
  9. Sorry Ozmotorcycleleathers, I just sent a reply to you that was meant for someone else.
    Why not a training school? you ask ? I just seemed a bit formal. I already have a licence.
  10. Hey Crazy Cam ... Thanks for your email. I may look at getting the bike registered. I'm near Parramatta.
  11. PS. I just checked out their website. I realise it's the company I've been trying to get hold of for the last few days. No answer on their phone. I have called them Thur, Fri,and Saturday. It was because of not being able to get hold of them, that I did more net searching and I discovered this forum. (I did actually find another company, which I really liked, but it was a BYO bike).
  12. Well, if you have a going, regoed bike and time during the week, I'm quite happy to try and help out in terms of mentoring.

    It would be FOC, all care, no responsibility.

    My instructor's licence expired a few years ago now, but I haven't forgotten all that much. ;)

    P'matta isn't too far from Beecroft.
  13. Your situation is far from unique and many of the schools offer a refresher course. It may not be named that though.
  14. Oh OK. Thanks for that, NSSherlock. I rode to Canberra and back on a Harley recently, and I hated every moment! I think it's a psychological thing that I want to conquer, as in my youth I was an extremely confident rider. When I bought my first bike back in the 70s, I had never even been a pillion passenger but I woke up one morning and decided that I wanted to get a motorbike, so I walked into the bike showroom, picked out a bike, asked the guy 'where's the clutch, gears" etc. He told me, and I happily hopped on the bike and rode it away.
  15. Thank you very much CrazyCam. That sounds terrific - if I can get my biked registered. It's down at Marulan at the moment, so I'd need to get it to Sydney first. I appreciate your kind offer. I'm not fussed about whether you have an instructor's license or not, because I have a licence and not needing the 'formality' of an official endorsement :confused: ... As I just said to someone else, I'm sure it's a psychological thing that's causing me grief. I need someone with good therapist skills as well, ha ha :wideyed:
  16. Why not get out to HART in St. Ives? Hire a small bike there and either have a 1 on 1 private lesson or group lesson. No road riding required.
  17. Is that where the man had seven wives? :joyful:

    Thank you for the suggestion! Much appreciated.
  18. damn, if its down there, you know there is a good little race track down there u could probably learn on

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  19. Yes I know! Trouble is, the bike's down there, but I'm not!