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WANTED...a dream within 8kms of Melbourne CBD

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by blue, Oct 26, 2006.

  1. 3 bedroom house with ensuite and WIR, double garage, backyard (not courtyard), massive livingroom, seperate home theatre room, balconies with views (not of the neighbour's window)

    must have double garage

    under 250000$

    mmmmm...its always nice to dream :LOL: :cry:


    just realised i've been priced out of the market. have to move to the country or a 2bdr flat.
  2. Why 8km from the city? you could get something like this for that price in a new estate in werribee or roxbrough park? they're only what.. 30 minutes from the city?

    or am dreaming aswell?
  3. Ha!

    8km from the city.........

    There are new houses and land packages being sold in Bundoora/next to Latrobe Uni.

    Prices start at $600,000.

    Bundoora is about 15km from city.
  4. yup... I know.. I went as far as South Morang and they were still above 300K...use to be country 5 years ago.

    hence its just dream

    try asking a salesman from Springthorpe for house and land package prices and its amazing how they keep a straight face. I just kept staring at one of the guys for a few seconds when I asked for prices 3-4 years ago. They must be sky-high now. I used to study in LaTrobe, I remember how that place looked before springthorpe.
  5. Do you need to live in the city i.e. for work or poersonal preference, or are you happy enough to (or have to) relocate out in the 'burbs a bit?