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Want to sell ur bike! Then try describing it properly.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by 2up, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. Another quick thread in the "selling your bike" train of thought.

    I was doing a quick search on Ebay using the words ..."Cafe Racer"
    It brought up lots of nice machines and this thing.
    This bloke must be La La Land if he reckons his bike is anything like a cafe racer.

    ##hint 101...when selling stuff always try to provide an acurate description of the product. This will ensure that you won't annoy any potential buyers, your product will be listed in the correct category and you won't end up looking like a complete "vegie head".

    This is the blokes Ebay ad and bike...


    And this is what a SR500 Cafe Racer should look like..


  2. maybe he means its a good donor for a cafe racer...

    rubbish ebay listings irritate me, I was looking for a new camera lens, so asked the seller for photos, and they sent me ones with the lens caps on, so I couldn't see the glass... why?
  3. Quote from the ad: (I saw this a while ago, my old man is after a standard SR500)

    Sounds to me like it was originally a Cafe Racer, and he's put the standard SR bars and seat on, but kept the originals to sell with the bike.

    Would definitely be worth shooting him an email if interested so you can clarify.
  4. i love the ads that contradict themselves like:
    "Great Tyres-Heaps of grip in the wet." then they say "Never Ridden in the wet"
    Another one is:
    "Always Reliable, never let me down once" They go on to say "Just had a complete engine rebuild top & bottom"-lol

    "really cheap to fix, spare parts are everywhere!" then later they say "Spent thousands of dollars getting this bike up to scratch"

    The list goes on, for those buying new bikes (with little bike knowledge) get a mechanic ($50) or a mate to run over it before you part with your hard earned cash
  5. Mate, I while back I went looking on fleabay for a hyper-sports track bike, first 3 results were CBR250RRs ](*,)
  6. Dodgy ads are a pet hate of mine.
    It's not so bad nowdays with Ebay where you can see a pic.
    Back in the old days of the Trading Post is was really bad when you only got text.
    Two examples..

    This bloke advertised a Nissan Exa convertible. I phoned him up and asked what was the rooof made of..he replied a heavy duty type of vinyl. I drove to Warragul only to find it was a sunroof..the bloke was a bit nutty and he genuinely thought he had a convertible.

    Another bloke advertised a Rambler Hornet in "perfect condition". Took time off work for a look. The thing was full of rust. I asked what he meant by "perfect condition"..he thought it was in perfect condition for its age..

    Go figure..
  7. That black SR with the HUGE drum brakes is just yummy!!!!!!!!!
  8. Yeah, I wouldn't be too hard on him. It seems like the description is pretty fair. After all, I've seen worse.
  9. I think it's actually BRG? Last time I saw it, it didn't look that great. It was shipped out to Aus and thrown down the road by someone, I think at Kangaroo Valley.
  10. Having, over the years, trekked an awful lot of kms to look at overpriced rubbish that was described as good/perfect/immaculate etc, I firmly believe that inaccurate descriptions are grounds for the reintroduction of capital punishment.
  11. I won the bid on a mercedes SEL350 some years back.
    Nice photos, good honest sounding bloke, A1 mechanical condition etc.
    I insisted on a test drive which he was a bit hesitant to (alarm bells) but agreed in the end.
    My thinking was typically in merc's the ball joints die in the ass, but are actually cheap to have replaced... nope, his whole steering arm was bent and i couldnt even get it around the first corner.
    Tried the whole "but you are under contract to buy!" on me... laughed at him and told him to get farked, its not A1 mech or anything else like you stated.

    Enjoyed the train ride to sydney and back though... not.