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Want to save $100 on a bluetooth headset

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by vic, Nov 26, 2009.

  1. On a Midland BT1 bluetooth headset.

    The Midland BT1 Intercom system is an alternative to the Midland BT2 Intercom. Main difference between the BT2 and BT1 is the BT1 will not work via bluetooth bike to bike.

    Rider to Pillion Communications
    Stereo Sound, for playing music the Hi Fi Speakers are an optional extra
    Main Rider unit will pair to a mobile phone or GPS system
    Hardwire an MP3/iPod to either unit of the Midland BT1 Intercom
    Hardwire a two way radio to either unit of the Midland BT1 Intercom (lead due to allow this)
    Works with OPEN/CLOSED or JET Helmet system
    Comes with two fixing systems for affixing to the helmet, Clamp and bi-adhesive
    Comes with 2 types of Microphone for OPEN/CLOSED HELMETS

    Our good friends at EMSUSA are doing a special for Netrider members. The unit RRP's for $299 but hey, because I talk too much Colin has agreed to discount them for you guys and do them for $199 DELIVERED.

    That price is insane and only available to Netrider members.

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