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Featured Want to ride with a newbie?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Hayley Mathews, Jan 29, 2015.

  1. Hey

    Turns out I have a day off work today and as much as I want to jump on the bike and set off I'm too nervous still to go alone. Anyone in the Ipswich QLD area feel like riding with a newbie who has only ridden her bike around the block :) doing well!
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    Hope you got out :) it's pretty nervewracking when you start but you'll settle quickly, I promise, just get out there! :) (I've been on my L's 4 months, and commute to city daily the last 2 months!)
  3. well done just keep working your block & make bigger and bigger loops as u get more comfortable
  4. dont worry you'll get there ..lots and lots of saddle time :) . i still remember the day i 'forced' my self to ride my bike out of the apartment car park area ..my legs, hands, everything were shaking ..yeap pretty much scared to death .

    promoise you, it will get better ;)
  5. Thanks for the kind words and advice guys. It did get the better of me yesterday and I took it out for 45 minutes just around the blocks of my house. It was good it built my confidence back up a bit and going to try again today maybe a bigger block. Thanks for the encouragement.

    Bee I know the feeling that was me yesterday forcing myself out on in shaking, panicking but after a couple minutes I settled down.
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  6. Little bit at a time Hayley, gradually increase the distance and the challenge of the roads. Do you have access to any other riders to go out with you?
  7. Thanks cjvfr no I don't really have anyone to ride with that's why I get a bit nervous riding by myself incase something goes wrong.
  8. Hi Hayley, In the Mentors thread we have people who have put up their hand to help. Unfortunately we have only one in QLD, the stalwart Bumblebeeman1150Bumblebeeman1150. If he has time you may be able to ask him to give you some pointers. As he is our only QLD mentor I don't want to load him up too much but from all reports he is a good guy and mentor.

    Confidence will come, just keep at it. Newbies commonly don't look out far enough ahead, one mentor we have here in Victoria, who shall remain nameless to protect the guilty, bellows of "Look where you want to go" ring loudly in new riders ears for many years afterwards.
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  9. Thanks for the kind endorsement Chris; we're working on setting something up.
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  10. I'm in Ippy too only new to riding so riding a lot to get practice.
    Shoot me a message if u want to tag along.
  11. most important bit i noticed - newbie as well, 3 weeks into L's - ride every day!

    I had to have a 3-Days Break during heavy rains and stuff here in Sydney and instantly felt less confident when going back on the bike. Now after three days riding everyday, all good again.