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Want To Ride Tasmania? How to get there and where to go?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by moog, May 30, 2009.

  1. A couple of us on Netrider are planning on taking a few days off work and exploring a bit of Tassie.

    Will probably only get 5 days so don't want to have to ride from Sydney to Melbourne and then back as this will chew up too much time.

    Wondering if we can ship bikes to Hobart and then fly straight into Hobart? Or ship to Melbourne then fly into Melbourne and take the ferry to TAS? But due to time constraints would rather just fly into Hobart if we can get our bikes there in some cost effective way.

    Has anybody done this and know what kind of costs we would be looking at to shop the bikes to Melbourne/Hobart?

    Also would love to hear about anyone elses trip!

  2. I rode to Tasmania in 2007. Loved it. I did it as part of a Motogp trip. Rode from Brisbane to Melbourne. On the Monday after the race I put the bike on the ferry. Did the overnighter on the ferry with about a hundred other bikes.

    Then spent the next 3.5 weeks riding around Tasmania. Great roads, friendly people. Highly recommend it.
  3. I'd be quite interested in knowing too.
  4. I'm sure you could ship your bikes across to Devonport in Tas from Syd or Melb a day or two prior to you leaving yourselves, then fly into Devonport and pick your bikes up from Devonport. I've done it in reverse when I moved from Tas to Melb, I assume you can do it the other way around.
  5. Wow. Well I got my first quote.

    $1100 EACH BIKE EACH WAY!!

    That will be around $4400 just to get the bikes there and back...

    Seriously crazy. I could buy two Sachs Mad Ass with that coin (And then get laughed at)
  6. Ask yourself:


    What Would Hornet Do? I suspect that brazen old man of the East would mount his steed first thing in the morning, and be having dinner in Melbourne that evening!

    Paint this on your tank:


    Paint it onto your watch too. I have.
  7. only 5 days?
    take the week off work, leaves you with 9 days, saturday to sunday a week on. ride to melb, barely takes a day. get the boat over overnight, do your thing, boat overnight saturday again, ride home sunday. bob's your uncle.

    dont bother with transport companies for the bike, its expensive enough interstate mainland, let alone over to tassie.
  8. What about hiring some bikes?

    Cheapest airfares from syd to tas are to Launceston. I have a friend (and fellow postie rider) who lives in Wollongong and has a holiday shack in Dolphin Sands (east tas). He flies regularly and assures me Launceston is cheapest.
  9. There's definitely a company that does this. I'm not sure if they ship from Melbourne only though.

    I'll see if I can dig up the name. I think I came across them via a leaflet on the Spirit when I went down a couple of months ago.

    Edit: http://www.tmt.net.au/