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Want to rent a bike? Better start saving...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by RacingTurtles, Jul 2, 2006.

  1. Here's something I just cannot understand: Bikes are cheaper than cars. They cost less to buy in the first place, they cost less to register, less to run and to maintain.

    Why is it then that I can rent a car for about 40 dollars a day, but a bike would cost me FIVE TIMES AS MUCH, at around 200 per day? (I saw a CB600 for 190, even a crappy little 250 was over a hundred!).

    Unbelieveable! Well, I thought so, anyway - unbelieveable, and totally unacceptable. I just hired a car.

    (I was looking at renting a bike for my mini trip to Tasmania later this month)
  2. I'm guessing it is to do with the fact that a fairly small amount of people hire motorcycles, compared to the rental market for cars.

    Could it also be due to the fact that motorcycles are probably statiscally more likely to be damaged than cars? (guessing here).
  3. Bloody hell, dont blame you if thats what it costs to hire a bike
    Guess it all comes down to the might dollar & more demand for car hire then there is bike.

    Either way I agree with you, I personally would have expected to be about the same as car hire, not 5 times as much.
  4. I hired bikes from ringwood yamaha a few times to go to the GP at the island

    4 day wknd cost me $500 and $2000 excess if you trashed it..
  5. Yeah well, at these prices - no wonder the demand is small!

    Then how about they charge me *after* a cause the damage, not before?
  6. I had a similar experience in Noosa a few years back. A perfect driving/riding record (at the time) didn't lower the price either. I ended up borrowing a car from my cousin.
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  8. The reason being bikes require much more maint (esp when you've got most of your hirers who are going to be pushing it hard).

    Plus the more pricey insurance costs.
  9. Hirers have to balance the cost of acquisition with the risk of theft/damage/insurance, and the infrequency of demand......
  10. The problem is this: a car rental company leases out a $14,000 car (and gets tax breaks etc. instead of buying), puts it into the fleet and if they've managed their inventory correctly, it's on the road more than 50% of the time. Good little money-spinner. A company has to BUY a bike, and it sits around most of the time, gets hired out maybe one a month if they're lucky. Nobody hire a bike for day to day stuff, so the only time they get taken out is on weekends, IF the weather is nice, and so on. If it's a family on holidays - it's useless. The only way the company can get something back is to charge heaps, and hope some thrillseeker with deep pockets comes along.
    I once talked to a bloke at a popular tourist spot, who hired out his three personal bikes through a tourist booking office, to earn a little extra money. Trouble was, the extra insurance hardly made it worth doing, even charging over $200 a day.
    Now scooters, that's a different story...
  11. Heh. This mst be something to do with how a person like myself treats hire bikes :grin:
  12. Especially 4 wheeled one's on Tassie sand dunes :LOL:
  13. That one got off lightly, I was under the disgruntled supervision of the owner. OTHERS IN THE GROUP, however, in particular one individual who SHOULD KNOW BETTER but who won't be named, appeared to be unable to keep his quad bike in a straight line and very nearly stacked and rolled it as a result.... :grin:
  14. Bikes definatly arent cheaper to maintan, especially in a hire situation where for libility reasons they must be kept absolutly perfect.
    Most hire cars are brand new and sold off before they require anything more major than an oil change.

    Bike tyres last 1/4 that of cars, at best. And even though there are just 2 of them they cost the same as 4 tyres for a car.

    The majority of hire cars are just used for business trips and holidays, so dont take too much of a thrashing. A bike on the otherhand is almost certainly going to be abused.

    Bikes are much more expensive to insure than cars. My Dad pays something like $180 for full comp on his $40k car used every day. Try getting close to that for a $40k bike.

    Also remember the libility insurance for the company against some mechanical failure leading to an accident. A bike is so much more risk its suprising places hire them at all.

    Big sportsbikes can chew crazy ammounts of money in a day of thrashing, and thats the main reason they get hired. Ha, I will hire an R1 for $100 to take to a trackday (where theres about $400 ware put on the thing, probably more since its not mine :twisted: )

    And 250's are hired by learners and would be so much to insure it hurts to think about it. When they crash the company gets blamed for a mech failure and have big expense to prove it wasnt.

    Then of course theres very little demand for them so they just sit in the garage (bikes cant live in an open carpark so more cost there) most of the time, expensive theft insurance still has to be paid too.
  15. Well, jmuzz offers some convincing arguments. Problem is, I just don't buy them, and here's why: I just had a look at a more or less random (picked from google) rental company on an island of Crete (Greece) Why Crete? Well, it was mostly random, but it is actually a comparable environment to Tasmania (which was my original destination). And here's what I see (weekly rates):

    50cc scooter goes for 106 euros.
    250cc chopper - 200 euros
    the cheapest car - 155 euros.

    Now compare this to prices I found:
    50cc scooter (this one was in Melbourne) - 59 a day.
    250cc bike in Tassie - 110 a day.
    cheap car in Tassie - 41 a day.

    In other words, in Europe you can get a scoot for less than a car, and a bike for just a bit more. In Australia, you pay more for a cheapest scooter than a car, and for a bike - considerably more.

    I don't believe costs of insurance are structured that much differently, and while I'm sure car rental companies pay less for their cars than we do in retail, surely the same is true in Europe. Finally, the argument 'bikes mostly sit in the garage' is not so much the reason as the result of the silly prices. If they aren't used as much, it's because bike rentals are not competitive with cars, it's as simple as that.

    So how is it European prices are so much more in line with what I would expect?
    I think that's because my expectations are more European, in that I see bikes basically as a poor man's car, rather than rich man's toys, while Australia is not quite there on that wave-length yet. Oh well... give us another fifty years. Maybe less if the prices of petrol keep rising.
  16. I think it's more the situation that CAR hire, in Greece, is ridiculously expensive. Compare that price in Crete to the average weekly earning and compare that same relative cost to here, and you'll see that we can hire a care very cheaply in Australia.
    (I have a theory that Greece slugs car hirers a lot because most of them are wealthy northern Europeans who can afford to take the hit without too much pain. Bike hirers there are more often backpackers or locals. Just a theory.)
  17. But 155 Euros for a week is not bad at all; that's 266 Australian Dollars... and that's in Europe! I would say in fact compared to European wages it is very reasonable. (Maybe more expensive compared to wages in Greece, but of course, this is for tourists not for locals. So what? Car hire in general is for tourists, locals usually have their own)
  18. http://www.scootntoot.com.au/site/hire

    You can hire a 50cc scooter here for $196 a week ($28 a day), in Greece its AU$182. So basicly exactly the same.

    Their 250cc motorcycle hire is still more than their cheapest car. (though they do have some smaller, cheaper cars over there I guess)
    This is despite bikes being much more popular than cars there, and the majority of people who hire them just using them as commuters, not thrashing like the majority here would.

    So dosnt that just support that bikes are more expensive for hire companys to operate than cars?
  19. Well, yes - that is a lot better than $59 a day I saw. Then again, they are on the Gold Coast. You can rent a car there for $21 a day, so the car still beats two wheels but I agree, this is a lot closer. Too bad I am not going to Gold Coast :)