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NSW Want to know why you don't blindly believe the police?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by waedwe, Feb 18, 2013.

  1. http://news.ninemsn.com.au/national...ce-allegedly-lied-about-assault-inquest-hears

    Video on the website.

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  2. Lock the lieing arse whipes up.
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  3. Cops are human beings that make the same mistakes, and more importantly, dipshit asshole decisions, that other human beings make. The difference is that the State backs them unconditionally, because they are the force the State uses to control the plebes. Because of this, us plebes have no recourse when instruments of the State become bad actors.
  4. OP shows otherwise. There are many other examples on public record.

    Link: Man sues four police officers after tussle over phone footage.
    Link: Newcastle police officer guilty of serious assault.
    Link: Cop charged with having sex in police station.
    Link: JA seeks to expose police and penal abuse, misconduct & corruption.

    No one is above the law, and recourse is available.

    Know and understand the same.

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  5. Not the first time. There was a case here in Wagga a few years ago of police making up stories, falsifying evidence etc.
  6. great ending but at what cost ? .
    recourse is only for the weallthy.
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  7. and sadly. i'm certain, plenty of times these things occur but theres no CCTV footage to counter the police story... and they get away with it.
  8. The same applies to ordinary citizens.

    CCTV is only a factor if you allow it to be. Police destroyed incriminating CCTV footage verifying assault to thwart legal action. Admittedly those actions caused all sorts of problems which most no doubt would have raised their hands in defeat over. We persisted and litigation was successfully negotiated after 6 years.

  9. what wankers, nothing will be done to these pricks. they should all be sacked asap. and charged
  10. Would love to see them end up in prison, ideally one where they have to blend with the rest of the inmates...
  11. Justice is spelled with large $$$ signs. I have been on the end of a lying conniving asswipe of a detective playing highway patrolman, which ended up costing me over $1000.00 in fines, but the cost of just having a solicitor turn up on the day was over $2,500.00, which I didn't have, which means I lost, which means justice was not done and a detective who works for the child protection part of the NSW police force got away scott free.
    The other disturbing part is that this scumbag cop should have a higher moral ground working in the field of child protection?! yet it fitted his agenda to lie all the way through my hearing. Charming heh?!
  12. Power always corrupts if it is unchecked. This is why we should not be giving Police any more power.

    The powers of search and detain that cops have been given in the past 15 years are scary when you consider there is a portion of the Police force out there who can't be trusted with them.
  13. Read the coroners report and tell us what you think really happened. The video would have made everything more clear with little or no speculation or suspicion over distances, speeds or actions.
  14. nothing done to them.
    One is allowed to resign (as always) and may have admistrative action taken that will let others read about his conduct,should he seek reemployment within the government harsh indeed. He took out the card because he was traumatised and not thinking and for no other reason!!! can anyone here spell or smell bullshit.
    Slaps on the wrist for the other two.
  15. Three most corrupt organizations in Australia:

    1. NSW Police
    2. NSW Labor (whether they are in govt or not)
    3. NSW Tow Truck drivers
  16. What's the story behind this one?
  17. oh and taxis combined, as for the towies, im not actually sure but i have heard from a great many people that they are extremely corrupt (chucking oil on roads etc).
  18. Your source?
  19. Have heard similar things, also heard third hand that the cops hate them, they listen out on scanners and try and get to an accident and tow the car before the police show up (the police have a book or something of towies and have to call them in a certain order, so they try and bypass it)

    I think you can remove NSW from all of those though, they're equally corrupt across Australia.