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Want to join the Netrider Indoor Soccer Team?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Feb 16, 2005.

  1. People,

    We are starting an indoor soccer team and require 7-8 people each Tuesday evening.

    The games are played in Pit Building 3 at Albert Park.

    It costs $40 to register the team (includes pubic liability cover)

    The cost each week is $10 per person.
    There are 5 players on the field at any given time with 2-3 substitues.

    We are after commited people because it will cost you $10 a week regardless if you play or not. (The team pays $70 each week)

    There are 2 sessions, 6-8.40pm or 8.40pm-10.40pm

    The current competition is 3 weeks from finishing plus a couple of weeks for the finals. No games are played at the present due to the F1 that has taken over AP.

    So early April sees the kick off of a new competition.

    Hands up those who are interested and can commit to this....

    I'll update the names as we get the team together.

    1. Me
    2. Mouth
    3. Mat
    4. Roderz?
    5. Smee
    6. Minna
    7. Tenoq
    8. Jason.S
  2. Sounds tempting
    Will let you know soon since I play soccer anyways.
  3. Re: Looking for 7-8 people for a 15 week commitment

    pubic liability cover :shock: :shock:

    What sort of forum do you run here?
    What sort of soccer do you Victorians play :eek:
    I gotta get up there for a visit! :LOL:
  4. Yeah! "Team Netrider" Indoor Soccer Champs :)

    If a gimp on crutches can committ to this, then so can anyone else :) Bring it on! :LOL:
  5. Cool, more team sports, even though I can't play, count me in :)
  6. i wanna play... i am good. I wasnt under 12 premiers for nothing !

    -note that was 10+ years ago
  7. I'm interested, but can't commit yet as I'll have to endeavour to have my regular shift at work moved.
  8. Gee I don't know if I can make it... What happens if it rains? :?

    Lisa :twisted:
  9. Ok count me in.
    Looks like I'll be able to make it.:)
  10. Is there a minimum / maximum age for players?
  11. I Guess as long as you can kick a soccerball it shouldnt matter
  12. :( Damn. I'd love to play! I love 5 aside, indoor football. But the commute from Sydney would kill my GS500E.
  13. Never played b4 but I wouldn't mind joining in with my 12y.o. daughter, hence my question about ages!
  14. I will find out about ages and a mixed (boy, girl) team.

    But, is that all the interest we can muster up?
  15. I'm very interested. I'm not particularly good at it... but I compensate for my incompetence with a burning desire to win.


  16. Er...so if you're on the team you're a pubic liability? :shock:
  17. Good shmood, its a bit of fun and a chance for all to get some excercise.
  18. you will fit in.. :) i havent played sport for like 6 or so years.. unless computer games count.
  19. So, things still a go go?

    oh and bond girl, how would your 12yo daughter enjoy playing with adults... soccer balls hurt :cry:
    getting kicked in the shins :(
    someone cant kick a soccerball straight and it gets her in the stomach, or even worse people aim for ya :cry:
  20. I'd be in if I were a melbournite, but you have my support (go team gimp!!!)

    Matt My daughter is 15 and playing her second season of premier league soccer. Before getting into the womens team she had to play with the "boys" teams.

    Soon llearnt to protect herself.

    I doubt many adults in a fun comp would deliberately aim for her.