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Want to hear a dumb story???

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by buckett, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. Riding over Anzac bridge in Sydney yesterday evening, first 5km+ trip on a 1971 cb500 I've been working on - sharp learning curve. VERY worried I'd break down on my trip, bike went great on the way into the city, on the way out a few hours later, get (just) to the top of bridge and carbs flood and die so I'm thinking SHIIIIIT, rolling down the 4 lane bridge in neutral hoping no one bulldozes through me. Get to the bottom of the hill where it inclines up again before there's anywhere to pull over and have to stop before lights. Jump off bike, a few cars pass. have to push it up the hill and up onto pavement like a mad man. Finally get safe, jump off bike thinking wtf I swear it has bean running lean as exhaust is not stock but that sounded/ felt like too much fuel!!!

    scratch head for a few minutes

    turn choke off

    ride away

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  2. Live and Learn :)
  3. Haha. Join the choir.
  4. Oh dear!!!.... Lol. ;)
  5. Fail Thread ?
  6. A golden moment mate.... now I dont feel so bad. It can get worse, a fellow rider can stop to help and HE finds the choke on..

    Fellow idiot
  7. Dumber would have been bumping the kill switch and not noticing... That's been done once or twice!
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  8. I am amused.
  9. Classic!
    Makes me glad that little rubber that acts as friction to hold the choke open on my bike is perished. I have to hold the choke open for a while at first and then it shuts off all by itself.
  10. Classic mate... the days of automatic chokes have made us complacent.
  11. I did the same earlier in the week - the Bullet kept stalling on the way home, a recently increasing inclination of it, and not starting and so I was thinking 'God this problem's about to put the bike off the road'. Later that night I had a thought, went out to the bike, and sure enough the choke was on!
  12. Haha. Reminds me of the time I took MrsB's Commando out for a test run after doing the head gasket. Bloody thing spluttered and died on me in the middle of a busy junction. Did the madman push to safety and then attempted a restart. 11:1 pistons and a nice low primary drive ratio quickly reduce me to a sweating heap to knackered to even swear. Lecky start is useless on a stock bike, let alone this monster. Go to start the push home when I notice the petrol tap, and its mate on the other side both pointing to OFF.........
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  13. Pat, that reminds me of the night I picked up my SR500 from the freighter. I was 20 minutes into riding around experiencing utter joy at the fact that I appeared to have brought a great runner with fantastic character, when suddenly it died. I spent thirty long minutes trying to kick start it and finally, in a sweaty heap, it occured to me that I hadn't checked whether it was out of fuel....

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  14. Had a similar story, a mate pulled over to wait for a few mates to catch up and his bike wouldnt start, the elec start had failed, but it had a kick start. It took 3 of us taking turns working up a sweat trying to get this bloody thing to start. 15 min later.... noticed the kill switch was on....
  15. Same happened to me on my CBR600 back in the late 90's. Choke was on the grips, rotated one way was open, the other way closed. I'd somehow mixed myself up as to which way was open, which was closed.

    Best part was - a month or so later a bloke on a forum was trying to get help to find out why his bike wouldn't run when warm/hot.

    Heaps of suggestions - fuel,plugs etc

    til I piped up sounding very knowledgeable:

    "Close the choke"

    He'd done the same as me (mixed up which way the choke was meant to be). I did fess up though and told how I came by that knowledge.
  16. Done the kill switch thing, looking like a noob at a supermarket. Thought the battery had died. Only took 2 minutes to work out what I was doing wrong.
  17. I had the Truck hooked up to the Bird with jumper leads and still zip, Scratching my head,
    Then Madam asked if the side stand down would do any thing to it not starting,

    How to feel like a total Idiot, It does happen, Hahahahahaha
  18. I've gone down a long hill at night and dipped the high beam (or so I thought) and get to the bottom, open the throttle and nothing. Just dead. High beam is left hand. Kill switch is right hand. Five minutes it took me.
  19. this thread is awesome
  20. This thread makes me feel normal lol
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