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Want to get my learners

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by OscarA, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. WOW what a site, full of everything a newbie or soon to be newbie could hope for.
    I have been thinking about getting a bike for years and hope to take the plunge this year.
    I'm not new to bikes but the little experience I have goes back to when I was a teenager riding dirt bikes like KX80's and YZ80's. Unfortunately for me that was back in the mid 80's so it's been quite awhile since riding or owning a bike.
    I'm still undecided what to get as I like the road trail bikes such as the 250 XR's and KLX etc but also love some of the Jap road bikes such as the Honda VTR250.
    I'm hoping to book my learners soon and would like opinions on where to go.
    I'm in Blackburn, Melbourne.
    I see that Armstrong's in Thomastown seems to be popular any others I can look at online?

    I wont bother with anymore silly questions for now but once I get my learners you'll see a lot more of me, lol


  2. i did mine at HARTs in kilsyth, might be a bit closer than tullemarine. not sure. it was excellent though. of course they need to cover everything to start off with, but they do it well.
    there are a few others. stay upright and ride tek to name a few, i am unfamiliar with them though.

    id only ridden a few times in my younger years, and upon hitting 18, decided i wanted to ride. now i have an interest in off roading... but look around at all the bikes you can. :) i should have looked more (not that i am unhappy with mine at all)

    cheers :)
  3. Thanks guys

    Appreciate the help and tips.

    I'm going to enjoy this site.

  4. welcome to the boards mate :)
  5. HART in kilsyth is probably most local for you. I did my L's and just did my license test there and they were very helpful and concise.

    In regards to bike, from what i've heard the VTR250 is a great first bike.
  6. Thanks guys, looks like I now have a few places to choice from.
    All the above places look and sound great so I suppose it'll come down to the first one I ring that can accommodate the date I want.

    The VTR250 really is a nice looking bike and most on this site rave about it so once I get my Learners I'll seriously start checking bikes out.
  7. Links to the various courses are in the stickies above.

    Seek and ye shall find.
  8. True but opinions is what I was after and I greatly appreciated everyone who replied with their personal opinions.
    Knowing there is a place down the road is one thing but knowing the place down the road is highly recommended is another.
  9. Welcome Aboard Oscar!
    Similar background to mine, first bike a YZ80 when I was 15. Never rode again until I got my learners at 45 :shock:
    Best thing I've ever done for myself
  10. I had my first session there yesterday, had an absolute blast and the instructors were fantastic. They're in Cheltnham which isn't too far from Blackburn either. I'd definitely suggest checking them out :)
  11. Hi VCM, if your wife held you back for years we are more alike than you think. I've been saying for years I wouldn't mind getting a bike and her reply has always been the same, NO BLOODY WAY YOU'RE GETTING A BIKE :evil: There's one difference now and that's I'm 100% determined and I think she's conceded defeat.

    Thanks JM that's a help. I'll give them a call and book it in for MAY as that's when I'm on annual leave.
  12. Nope, wasn't the wife .. I just never gave it a second thought :?
    SAD eh ... to think I wasted all those years :cry:
  13. although i only rode a handful of times in my real young years, getting on a bike at 18 was possibly the best thing i have done for myself, similar to what vcm said :grin:
  14. Just booked my learners I went with Armstrongs in Thomastown mainly because they have a 9hr course for beginners with little or no experience and the whole thing can be done on the one day.
    I didn't want to take the other one day courses that where available at other training centers as they require some riding experience and last time I rode a bike was more than 20 years ago. The beginner courses they offered where 2 day courses.
    So now I have to wait till the 28th April which should be fun, I can bug everyone here with more questions in the meantime, lol.
    I have narrowed my bike choices to Honda VTR 2003-2007 models and the Suzuki gsf250v bandit 1999-2000 models.
    I like the look of the Bandits and they generally sell for around the $3000-4000 which makes them more affordable than the VTR.
    Budget will come into it so the Bandit goes to the top of the list for now.
    I've only seen pics of the Bandit so still need to find one for sale at a bike shop, go look at it and decide if it's for me.
    BTW I've never heard a Bandit or VTR for that matter are they loud.
    I'm a shift worker and at times I'll be leaving home at 4am and would hate to wake the neighbours .