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Want to get in the paper? Twist the wrist for few seconds

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dan, Dec 12, 2005.

  1. http://www.news.com.au/story/0,10117,17542936-29277,00.html

    Seems anyone caught going +30 over gets in the paper these days. Am I wrong, or does the media somewhat overreact to speeding cases these days?

    People booked for failing to give way don't make the paper, but I wonder which one causes more fatal accidents?

    Smee, a poll just for you... 8)
  2. so true, how much over the top media is given to speeding.
  3. 200kph seems to be the magical mark where you become dangerous and the media start to take an interest.
  4. 209 km/h is dangerously fast on a public road. i do agree and hate the media at the moment they twist everyones minds
  5. It's over hyped, but in a clever marketing kinda way. Every time a rider is snapped speeding from the front the spin doctors plaster that all over the media, showing excess speed without being caught, creating disgust among the non riding public. Handy, because when we protest the introduction of FNP's we have no support from the public at large.
  6. not necessarily so dangerous on 90% of the big highways.
  7. It's only dangerous is you make it dangerous, if your on a freeway with no cars and a straight bit of road.. :-k ...Some bikes/cars can get to that speed and back in no time at all.
  8. omg the article is about a Porche driver :LOL: The driver had it coming.
  9. I think the word that gets to me is 'reckless'...
    There's very little reckless about it - to me it sounded planned, and relatively safe. I mean, 110km/h zones in Australia are about as safe as it comes without being on a track.

    A quick flick of the wrist as most modern sports bike's will pretty quickly go from 100 to 200, and back again at the firm squeeze of the brakes.

    The question in my mind, is if he was hammering along at 210km/h why did he stop and get caught?
  10. Exactly what I was thinking. Everyone loves the see a Porsche driver get nailed :twisted:
    Pure jealousy, of course.
    Dan, you know I agree with you buddy, but it WAS 100kmh over the limit, not 30...
  11. Why was he caught?

    Shouldn't he have just lane split away at 200 KM/h?

  12. Re: Want to get in the paper? Twist the wrist for few second

    Thanks Dan

  13. Most Porsches are designed to do +200kph safely, and I doubt he was running radials on it. A 110 zone basically indicates to me that the road was a drag strip, and it was made out of stones and asphalt like most roads around the world. The only delimiting factor would be the traffic situation that would make it 'reckless'. Sounds like it wasn't the smartest time of day to be doing that, but who knows, the stretch of road may have been empty.
  14. whether it was empty or not doesn't make it safe.

    Unlike europe and its high speed roads, they don't generally have to worry about the local wildlife being able to screw you over in a heartbeat. I have dodged quite a few big (and small but very hard) animals in the middle of the day on dual carriageway 110 zones in nsw and vic.

    Whether or not the car can do 200+ without the wheels falling off is also another stupid notion and, as has long been recognised in more advanced parts of the world, the safety factor lies with the nut holding the steering wheel rather than the car.

    PS, wtf would you doubt it was running radial tyres dan, and what would it mean anyway? Bias ply tyres are much better in straight lines than radials, which is why aircraft and trucks still use them (they don't go around corners rapidly) and most 110 stretches of road have laughable corners on them. PS, can you actually buy road legal bias ply tyres in the sizes you would need to fit your average 911 or boxster.

    ps, wonder if it was a cayanne :D
  15. Nah, I've never heard of deer living in Europe either.
  16. the conditions are a little different. In italy and germany for example, you don't often get high speed sections of road with sod all people on them. And you don't tend to get animals moving onto the road in my experience when there are lots of vehicles around. The point i was making however you seem to have missed...

    The speed and vehicle and road is all well and good, but we have no provision in our system for training the idiot behind the wheel as you do elsewhere - like even if the road was empty to him, will you come around a corner to face a slow mover (at 100km/h) or or a very slow mover (0km/h like a wallaby)
  17. Bugs me when you see an article headlined "driver/rider caught doing xxkm over the limit" and only when you read through it do you also find out that they're unlicenced, in an unregistered/unroadworthy vehicle, drunk or whatever. Usually the sorts of people who'd be dangerous even if they did obey the speed limit.
  18. Another one today:
    Also, I woke up to ABC radio this morning where one of the major stories was a P-Plater in Vic caught travelling at 160kph.

    No media story on the driver on the Monash freeway who merged lanes and almost took out another car. Or the guy who ran a red light in Bayswater. Or the guy not wearing a seatbelt in Lilydale. Or the guy with flat, bald tyres in Weribee.

    FFS The media coverage really is getting ridiculous. :roll:
  19. The only reason why the media picks up on this is that the Police Media Unit tells them about it.

    The cynic in me reckons it's a very sneaky, very public campaign by the Police and State Government to justify the fixed cameras being installed everywhere.

    It's all about keeping the perpetual "Speed Kill" lie that Bill Tuckey keeps referring to alive.

    The P plate idiot last night was caught cos he over took and unmarked police car :roll:
  20. It's simple really; Whip the lemmings (public) up into a frenzy of fear and they will not question you when you impose crazy fines, laws or drop bombs on civillians.... It's just the way the world works and how the wool gets pulled.