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want to get back at some housemates?

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by lowercase, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. http://www.1-day.com.au/products/AAMJBN0AC

    Two different types of alarm clocks - one flys up in the air and you have to get your arse outta bed to catch it mid-flight, and the other runs around the room!! (well, rolls).

    If you're looking at getting back at a housemate, have a lazy kid, or think you need something to entertain yourself in the morning... for only $10 plus postage ($6), you got it all, baby ;)
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    With the Flying version I was wondering why the bit that flies up off the damn thing would make you get out of bed. Why not just reach out and push the alarm button to the off position?

    Well, this instructive youtube vid will show why it will get you out of bed. (Plus your neighbours as well if the sound is anything to go by)


    Fun Ha!
  3. See, I'd consider getting something like that for myself, to stop me from snoozing for 30 minutes, but chances are I'd catch it, break it then go back to bed LOL.

    SOOOoooo not a morning person.
  4. i set 5 alarms and still sometimes manage to go back to sleep.
    i need that!
  5. They need one with a super soaker attached...that will wake you up with chilled water in the face :p
  6. I like the miniature random beepers. Much fun to be had.
  7. i like this best


    one of the woodwork teachers at my old work used to get the kids to make these as a project - but got too many complaints from parents and was made to stop :LOL:

  8. i love this thing.
    :arrow: screaming monkey slingshot.
    you shoot it at people and it screams as it flies through the air at them :p
    ... heaps of cool stuff on that site.

    i also love Pedobear8-[... but in can't seem to find him.
  9. i want one :d