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Want to bling up my Honda CB400

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Kelvinc, May 25, 2010.

  1. Ahh, the fun of LAMS. Anyway, still think it is the best LAMS bike but would love to bling it up.

    Does anyone know of any places that can help me personalise my bike, something like these photos?

    I like the metal protecting the engine in the first picture. The second picture of the CB1100 is what I would like my tail to look like. In fact, it is what I want my bike to look like.

    I am not very good with tools and would prefer a workshop to do this. Any places that can help me do this? Thanks.



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  2. The cb400 though a well established bike in japan and Singapore it is still relatively new to the Australian market and aftermarket parts are not readily available.

    If you can speak Japanese your best bet for parts would be Japanese forums otherwise you can find the engine protector and tail tidy on Singapore bikes forums.

    Also checkout japan webike site as they have a whole heap of stuff suited to the cb400.
  3. Thanks for the link. I can't believe how many parts they have for sale.

    Unfortunately, what I really would like to change is the rear; something about the "duck-tail" that I don't like. The CB1100 rear is what I am looking for. Not sure if I can actually buy parts for this or it needs to be custom made.

    Hopefully, I may find someone who can help me here.
  4. If you really want the rear then read below thread register on the forum and order the part from the OP.

    I have ordered various parts thru members on that forum and they are all good guys and love their cb400's to bits.

    I only found out but make sure when doing an international money transfer to transfer an extra AU 25.00 to cover for the destination banks fees otherwise the recipient receives less money and won't release the goods.


    Good luck and if you end up getting post some pics here for all to see
  5. It'd be a bit cheaper to go through a local guy who makes them.

    I've had bucketloads of frame stuff done on my bike through a guy called Craig at the mischief makers. He makes bikes from scratch so he should be right with it. I'll PM you his number if you like...
  6. Why not try Vandem or Deus? I know they do a lot of yamahas etc but with the large japanese interest in the CB400 and their obvious ties to japan I would start there.

    Now this is how you do up a CB600, nicest mods I have seen.


  7. how about this ?


    Looks quite nice and is for your CB400.
    As for Dues etc , I too am interested but more than likely it will be a visit to the bank for a loan for some of their mod lists !

    PS i would like to clean up the intake side , replace the airbox with 4 x pods - alot of older CB400s had this mod but they were carbied and didnt rely on emissions like our EFI bikes do
  8. Or like this?


    MM site has pics of your bike all over it LOL. They're pretty close to me so it may pay to make a visit and ask their opinion on what could be done.
  9. Sorry for bump, but ResmeN, what exhaust is that pictured?
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  11. So dewy what mods and blings have you done to your cb400?