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want to become a Mechanic................

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by loco75, Feb 4, 2007.

  1. HI im asking this for a friend he rang me up to talk to me about being a mechanic wasnt sure so thought i would post something on here and see if anyone knows,

    ok he has been a plumber for about 12 years, but always loved working on cars and as some of you know the building trade is getting very hard he has been ripped off by 2 builders and he has had enough.

    he wants to get his licence to be a car mechanic as his friend owns a shop and he would work with him, but he wants to keep doing the plumbing while he gets his licence if its possible to do that, or does he have to work fulltime as a apprentice mechanic,

    because he has 1 kid bills and other stuff and apprentice wages arent that good, he wants to keep working while doing a mechanic course,

    any help would be great he lives in NSW.

  2. Tell your mate he needs his head read!

    I know a couple of plumbers who are millionaires and I know stacks of mechanics who are.........well..........just mechanics on award or a bit better. Tell him to just find different builders to work with and be more selective.

    My 2c :)
  3. easier said then done mate, im in a trade as well its not the same for everyone, mechanics i know are doing alot better then award,
    and its hard to be selective on who you do work for not everyone has tattoo on there head "im going to rip you off"
    so i think you need your head read if you think thats how it is.
  4. A mechanical apprenticeship is like any other. 4 years and full time. A good qualified dealer mechanic will earn $1000 a week before tax but the average wage would be around $750. I got off the tools as soon as I could and went into the office.

  5. As an ex mechanic that is now in mechanical engineering, if he likes any form of money stay away from mechanics trade. Above award is what they all say, but when your award is like $14.80 or so for a tradesman, it would want to be above award or you will earn $450 or so after tax. I worked for about 6 months after i finished my apprenticeship, then started at uni. Got a Mechanical Engineering traineeship, and my 1st year wage was the same as my tradesmans wage as a mechanic.

  6. I'd tell your mate to get out of the construction side of things and start doing repairs/maintenence. Lots of money in that and no plumber seems to want to know about it. So there's a big, relatively untapped market there. Jeez, if he can't make $60/hr doing that, there's something wrong with him.
    Or he could hook up with one of the many property maintenence business that are around these days. Guaranteed income.
    I wouldn't go from one trade to another looking for more money or better conditions, doesn't work like that.
    I think your mate needs to look outside the box he finds himself in. Specialise, but do anything that comes your way.

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. There'll always be an oversupply of high school under performers who want to become mechanics. For this reason it will never pay well.

    The building industry will boom again in Sydney.

    But it's not always about the money.

    Everyone I know who is a mechanic ends up a bit jaded after a few years. It's grubby work, that you quite enjoy doing yourself on the weekend, on your own vehicle, but it just becomes rude when you need to do it all the time to other peoples vehicles.
  8. Summed it up for me nicely! Couldn't imagine having black, dirty hands every day and crap in my hair constantly!
    Having said that, I have been toying with the idea of owning one of the larger franchise style mechanical workshops, and running the office/admin/customer relations, lots of money in it if it's done properly.

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. Tell your mate to work in high-pressure drain cleaning.

    I used to sell the gear for it, and those plumbers are charging over $250 for the first hour of work :shock:
  10. i would tell your mate to talk to a variety of mechanics, when i was in yr 11 i done work experience at a few mechanic shops and the first thing they said when i started was look at doing something else the pay is shit, the conditions are shit.

    builders will always try to do the dirty on you, best stay clear of them then they might wake up to themselves when they cant get anyone to do the pipework for their constructions.

    plumbing services in canberra run flat out all year round doing maintainance and repairs and there is good money in it COD no worrying about invoices etc

    alternatively tell him to look into debt collection agencies, he doesnt pay for their services, the consumer does in that when the debt collector is called out the invoice fee goes up by a percentage it wont take long for the builders to work out that it will be cheaper for them to pay the invoices on time and in full

  11. True indeed. Sucks when you complete yr 12 with high marks, choose to get a trade instead of go to uni, pass with distinctions, and end up 5 years later going to uni anyway :)
    I still love working on cars and bikes in my spare time, but never again for a job.
  12. Do you need any qual's for that?
  13. Yes. Uni. Part/full time until it's done.
  14. OP: I'm not sure about whether he'd move or not but diesel mechanics were doing pretty well the last time I looked.
  15. Step 1) Become diesel mechanic.

    Step 2) Get poached by WA mining conglomerate.

    Step 3) Move interstate.

    Step 4) Get paid $120-160 K/year.
  16. Ktulu, that sounds like hard work. I prefer the path the Underpants Gnomes took.

    Phase 1: Collect underpants
    Phase 2: ?
    Phase 3: Profit

    By the way, you caught onto what I was talking about . Alternative number one is fly-in-fly-out from home to wherever.
  17. Yeah, I've known people who have done that mining town lifestyle, they end up drinking their pay.......and the company gets all the pay back, because the company owns the stores!
    One of my old bosses worked in Mt Isa for 15 years and came out of teh place with a bag of clothes and a $3000 ute.

    Regards, Andrew.
  18. My uncle works in Kalgoorlie (whoever you spell it), fitter and turner by trade, worked on mining machinery, now in charge of the mine's service department. Bought his house outright, has a buttload in the bank and plenty of cash so that only he has to work and my aunt can stay at home looking after their disabled daughter.

    Also had enough to up and move to Gympie for a couple of months for work then move back (into a higher paying position)
  19. I was a factory trained BMW mech. PM me if you have any questions.