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Want more motorbike parking in Sydney city?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by aussie mate, Feb 22, 2006.

  1. For those riders that would like to get more parking in the city - the council is doing a survey.


    Just fill out those bits that apply - say that you live in Sydney & want to see more motorbike parking provided. If enough people complete the survey we might see some changes. - It only takes 2 mins.

  2. Good Job finding this Aussie mate..... Every body from sydney should make sure they complete this form even if they dont go near the city very often... one day you will and you wont be able to park your bike anywhere and you will wish that you had filled this in.

    I rarely go to the city durring buisness hours then one day i was selected for jury duty.... F#%K catcheing public transport i thought to my self i will find a park easy.... so i rode and was 1 hr late when i finally got there and got and they wouldnt let me in.... recieved the fine a few weeks later and still had to do jury duty when they called me up again 2 months later
  3. Responded straight away. I am a resident of this council and there are a huge number of scooters in the area, all parking on the footpath. They don't police it as far as I know(footpath parking is illegal in NSW) but I'm sure the local council will milk that cash cow one day. Suggested they either make footpath parking legal or set aside a few car spaces and mark them for motorcycles. Then the trick will be stopping the a'holes cagers from illegally parking in them.
  4. Was about to start a thread asking about parking in Sydney. Did the search and found this.
    Considering moving back up there next year.

    I gather that parking a motorcycle on the footpath is not permitted in sydney still. Does this mean motorcyclists have to use a whole car space and are subject to parking fines?

    Noticed when I was in Sydney a while ago there wasn't many bikes around the city like there is in Melbourne city.

    Anyone able to shed more light on this parking situation?
  5. You've got it. Not much more to add, except that these days we've got a few designated bike-only areas in the CBD and some other councils (I know of one in Bondi, anyway).. not too many though. The demand already outstrips the supply, it can be tough finding a spot unless you grab it early in the morning.
  6. That sucks.
    well thats one minus to the thought of moving back there. Motorcyclists have to pay a toll as well don't they?
    I think I prefer living in Melbourne now.
    like leaving my bike pretty much anywhere and not having to pay the tolls.
    now that I've thought about it the melb bike tax isn't so bad if you take parking and tolls into consideration.
    had a car once and the parking fine for 30mins was $130 almost 3yrs of bike tax!
  7. ...umm, I was going to fill out that survey but I got '404 - page not found'...
  8. ha ha

    yeah the thread was from way back in Feburary.
    and if I read correctly it ended in march or something way back.

    Well at least you tried
  9. Sydney sucks for motorcycles compared to some other places. The government has no interest in looking after them. Rego costs a fortune as does insurance. The whole thing about tolls is appalling. How they can justify the same charge for a bike as a large sedan towing a trailer has got me stumped. Then there is the debacle about how to use an e-tag on a bike - what a joke.

    Then look at the way they "manage" places that bikes go to enjoy riding - Old Road, Nasho etc. I have been taking a lot of back highways recently and I have found many a narrow, poorly maintained, 1.5 lane highway that has a limit of at least 80kph if not 100kph. Yet the old road with it well-surfaced, properly marked 2-3 lanes and good sign posting is 60kph!

    Parking in the city sucks and if you do park in a car space and buy a ticket they don't care if your ticket is stolen. You still get the fine. If you take the ticket with you to avoid having it stolen, then they fine you and don't consider this a valid reason. They just don't give a stuff.

    Then there is the roads which are narrow compared to Melbourne which makes splitting almost impossible a lot of the time. Many of the roads are poorly maintained because there is a tolled alternative(look at Parramatta Road abeam the M4 which is a disgrace). Add to this the fraudulent means by which the government is "selling off" our roads to the toll companies by closing lanes on major roads to funnel people into toll roads. You wait for the Lane Cove tunnel to open. As it stands, it is going to be at least as big a shitfight as the Cross City tunnel.

    Yeah, Sydney is a great place to be a rider.
  10. well, looks like I'm staying in melbourne.

    If my family want me to live closer they'll have to move here.
  11. im looking forward to the lane cove tunnel, well, partially. I work shiftwork, and the only times i ever really encounter peak hour is when im late heading south after a nightshift, and get to look at the poor bastards caught in the northbound traffic jam.

    From what i've seen of the plans, they are keeping lane cove road as 2 lanes up until the pacific hwy underpass, god knows what they are doing north of that though, there are groups still fighting turning the remainder of l-c rode into a boulevarde with one lane (plus bus transit lane) in each direction. I think its still too much of a busy road and overpasses should be installed as a better option. But from the sounds of it, they are learning a LITTLE from the lane cove debacle, and i suspect aside from fun & games with the boulevarde idea, they aren't going to try and close too much

    The road past the roadworks is a disgrace, but definately improving., but i think over the next 2-3 days they are doing a lot of resurfacing because as of tonight between 10pm & 5am over the next few nights it's closed.

    Anyhow the LC tunnel will probably only benifit me in that it'd take traffic away from me driving/riding along that segment of the roads.
  12. Unless they have managed to renegotiate some of the contract for the LC tunnel, then I don't see how they can do anything other than the original plan which was to reduce the three lanes on Epping road to 1 lane plus a bus lane. Otherwise the company can sue them - ala Cross City tunnel.

    This is the government of wide footpaths. They did to to William street - reduced the lanes and put in a f^&*ing big footpath. On Windsor road, they made one lane into two but then added another 1.5 lane wide footpath. I guessing on epping road they will also end up having a lane spare to turn into a footpath with bike track.

    With three vehicles in the garage and doing 40000k's per year, I detest this government and their fraudulent road management strategies. They certainly will NOT be getting my vote for that factor alone.
  13. I heard at the MCC meeting tonight that thanks to the efforts of one of the local club reps, the Chatswood council has already put in an extra 36 motorcycle space around Chatswood and surrounds(Council region) and is preparing to add another 27.