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Want Gretel off Big Brother?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by 7THSIN, Jun 17, 2006.

  1. www.getgreteloffbb.com

    Sign up, it's about time this hag was booted off the screens, my TV is developing a rash everytime her face shows up on it.
  2. You actually watch that stuff?

    Man you're eccentric, buy a Guzzi and be done with trying to fool everyone. :LOL:
  3. wow is that some sort of edit, didnt realise the show was that bad ?
  4. No, I want Big Brother off my TV! I don't get the whole idea: If I want to watch security cameras I'll join security firm and I'll get paid for it. Why in God's name would I want to do this work for free?
  5. Big WHAT???
  6. BB and Grete have gone beyond their used by date and should binned. The time should be used for the MotoGP and Superbike races
  7. My wife is addicted, fortunately most nights I get home after it is finished.
    PS this will be my 100th post.

    Hornet 600, will you make 10,000 by the end of the weekend??
  8. BB sux, never watched anything about it except the shorts..... and it is a sad sad show. The current lot of idiots they stuck in the place talk like queenslanders too hehehe
  9. Congrats on your hundreth, Rick!!

    Contrary to a (minority) opinion on this forum, posting for me is not about numbers; it's about the sentiment of my sig.

    But, yes, the 10,000th does loom :LOL:

    {Do people on BB have to belong to Actor's Equity?? Hmmmmm ?}
  10. I just saw the video on that site with Gretel talking to whatever his name was......she wasn't a happy camper :)
  11. Using the Michael video down the bottom of the page to prove their point didn't help their case much.

    Michael IS actually one of the tools on this show that deserved the onslaught that Gretel gave him.
  12. Too right!!!!

    I think Saxon's cruch is developing a rash also.

    Cradle snatcher!!!

  13. vote her off,she is paid so much thats y the preasure got to her
  14. COME IN SUCKER ...

    LOL well its got every1 talkin & even im in here replyin to the crap, never watched an episode heard all the noise about this little tit for tat.

    I would say mission accomplished.

    :applause: Well done 2 the PR people.
  15. Big Brothel, I think
  16. Now THATS a show I'd watch :)

    Jaqhama - You must be kidding if you think I watch any other TV than premiere-level motorsport and Family Guy/American Dad. I just get to come home and rub ointment onto the TV screen after the girlfriend has finished with the idiot box.
  17. Big brother sux, gretel is so annoying. I dont understand why people put themselves in there. I would last about an hour in that hole. But i can assure it would be entertaining in a different way.......
  18. Mutton dressed as Lamb!

    When will she learn.