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Want another 250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by aimre, Jan 3, 2009.

  1. Well ive been riding for more than a year now. And sold my other bike (Hyogt250r) and now im looking for a faster, lighter, smaller bike BUT still a 250. Mainly to commute.

    Been looking at Suzi GSF250 Bandits, is there anything else similar from other companies. Really would prefer an inline 4.

  2. Unless your going for a 250 two stroke you are kidding yourself. All 250cc bikes are roughly the same in out put, probably bar the original cbr250rr which when new outputed around 45 hp (top end). Most of them now after 12-15 years of buggering would be lucky to output around the same as your Hyo.

    Suggestion, stick to what you got or upgrade to a 500-600cc commuter.
  3. The Suzuki Across is about 15-20kg lighter, has about 17 Hp more (pre '97 model).
  4. Hyo is gone. Not only is the output of the hyo low, its also a heavy bike. I was after a nice naked bike.

    There are some bandits that are only 8-9 yrs old
  5. yamaha Fzx250 Zeal
    Suzuki gsf250

    After some searching on bike sales
  6. Yep, any of those would be nice, and the Baby Bandit is certainly a nice bike.

    You're right, although the peak horsepower numbers mightn't be that different, the Hyo 250 is in a 650 body and is a fair bit bigger and heavier. You should get better acceleration out of any of those you listed if it's in good nick.

    I wouldn't overlook the VTR250 either - maybe not the same headline horsepower figures, but a wide range of usable power, small and light like you're looking for and handles great.
  7. Go for an Aus-delivered Bandit and you will notice a significant difference over a Hyo. Not only is the power output higher (40hp vs the Hyo's 30) but the Bandit also produces far more torque and, thanks to the variable exhaust, does so over quite a wide rpm range.
    Earlier Bandits don't have quite the same spread of torque as the later GSF250V - but they do have more top end power (45hp) which is certainly noticeable if you learn how to keep the engine revs high.
    You'll also notice a significant improvement in build quality over the recycled drink cans and hacksaw blades used to make Hyosungs.
  8. Holy crap, I really hope they messed up that price. You could buy most 250s brand new for that.

    But then again, this must make all the diff :p
  9. I'd be wanting to replace the rubber on that bike. 8 years and only 8000 kms, that's a poor effort.
  10. It's recommended to change tires every 6 years right?

    /end hijack
  11. Only a short step from there to a brand-spanking CB400, which would be a very nice commuter for the OP to consider if he's not capacity-restricted.
  12. Bandit 250 is the one to go for I reckon.
  13. back to the original question, the only 250 you're gonna notice a power difference with is a 2 stroke 250... 4 strokes are all the same give or take a very negligible bit..

    Aprilia RS250
    Honda NSR250
    Suzuki RGV250
    Yamaha TZR250 (Rare)
    Kawasaki KR-1S (Rare)
  14. Gah, we've been over this already. Your answer is plain wrong.
  15. Bull and Shit. Go ride a Spada and then a decent Aus delivered Across on a highway.
  16. I was going to say Spada or VTR250. They are nimble in traffic, excellent in twisites and easy to ride. But you have already owned a V-Twin (Hyosung 250 Comet). Now you want an in-line four. Is there any particular reason other than "more power"? I'm guessing more power in a straight line.

    I like my Spada. I prefer more torque and more usable power across the rev range, not just screaming power at the high rev range. But that's just me.
  17. You get more torque with a parallel-4 - you just need to know how to use it.
  18. What state are you in? If you're in a LAM's state, might as well get something with a bigger engine.
  19. how diplomatic of you. Great input.