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VIC Want a job in Melbourne or Sydney riding bike/scooters?

Discussion in 'Employment' started by corsaro128, Nov 5, 2015.

  1. I thought i'd help the poor buggas out who need a job or change of job.

    Really hope this doesn't come off as spam!

    It's a food "courier" job, not just for one restaurant but many, and you have to use your own motorcycle/scooter/bicycle. I have an old SV650 with 72,000km and new everything so it's good to go.
    It's a very prestigious company, with very intuitive mobile app that hooks you up.
    It works like this, you wait in a zone EG Sydney CBD or Sydney City East, in a circled area on a map. Once an order pops up on you app (with a notification) you set off to one of the many restaurants and go to pick up the goods. You arrive, tap "arrived", say hello to the staff, pick your designated order (checking each item off) and go to either one or many customers who have placed an order. When you arrive you simply ask for the person and that's it. No cash held. Tips are either from cash or electronically as the order is placed.

    It's in a soft launch stage, and we have about 20 riders on scooters and motorcycles (myself included!) and even cyclists can get in on the action, and my opinion would be better suited for the CBD due to parking.

    My name is Alex Bellany, if you want the details of the company PM me as I can't post URL's on this site (im a good boy!)

    Pay is about $19 p/h for me (27 years old), $3.5 per delivery and you must hold and ABN and pass a crim check. We are looking for heaps of riders, so if you are keen, let me know! Would love to ride with you.

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