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want a guestimate on damage

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by bugeater, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. Hi Guys,

    About a year ago a "friend" reversed into my bike, knocking it onto a curb, cracking the fairings and scratching the paint. He claimed he had put claims into his insurance company, but that was a lie. Now I'm in Melbourne (it happened in Perth), I'm considering using Carington's to hunt him down. I'm actually wondering if it would be written off, since that would save a lot of trouble with getting it registered in Vic etc. Of course the damage also needs to be considerably above the fee Caringtons charges (~$300).

    So does anyone know what ballpark the damage is likely to be in?
    Its a 93 Suzuki Across, metalic red. About a 5cm crack in the front right fairing, that continues into a 10cm crack in the bottom fairing. Fair bit of paint scratched off the front right fairing. Basically that side will need plastic welding plus respraying at minimum. The radiator overflow is damaged underneath, plus the exhaust is scratched and slightly dented.

    My only comparison is when a similar thing happened about 6 years ago to it (a policeman reversed into it), which just scratched the paint and cost about $800 to respray. I have no idea how much plastic welding costs, or even if that's the likely solution.

  2. It certainly doesn't sound like a write-off. On an Across that actually sounds more like cosmetic improvements ;)

    You should have chased it up immediately, through YOUR insurance. Let those guys chase the bugger down.

    Or, just get it fixed yourself, which'll be heaps cheaper, just up to the standard you need. You won't end up with a "like new" bike, you might not get the stickers back, but it'll still be a good bike to punt around, and you'll get a decent price for it on sale.
  3. The bike has 135,000 km on it, so I doubt selling it will be easy, especially since you need a RWC in Victoria. :cry: I doubt it is worth too much. That's why I suspect any damage over about $1500 is likely to write it off. Thus the reason I want a ballpark minimum damage figure.

    My insurance is only 3rd party, and in my experience Swann isn't interested in helping out if someone else caused the damage. I did chase it up myself and was told that the forms were sent off etc. I kept getting excuses, but since the guy was a mate, I believed him. Once I left the state he was impossible to contact. :mad:

    To tell you the truth, I'm not sure what to do about the situation. I'm almost tempted just to drop the thing off at the wreckers, especially since I'm about to start a new job and just got my licence upgraded (by Victorian standards I've been allowed to ride unrestricted for the last 11 years, but not under WA regulations). But if I can get a bit of money out of it, then I might as well, especially since I don't take betrayal too well :evil: