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Want a full HD monitor for next to nothing?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by vic, Oct 7, 2009.

  1. centrecom.com are doing an amazing deal on a 21.5" full HD asus LCD monitor.



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  2. On my way, it's just down the road.

    thanks Vic.
  3. Nice find Vic.

    I would point out though that 1920x1080 is suited to movies / tv while 1920x1200 is more suited to games / office. Not that this would bother most people.

    ASUS are a quality brand, my laptop, desktop motherboard and desktop graphics card are made by them.
  4. I set my 1980 x 1200 monitor so it leaves a small black bar top and bottom so 1080 stuff isn't stretched or rescaled.

    60 pixels "missing" top and bottom is barely noticable.

    That's a great price for a brand name monitor.
  5. I'd buy one if I was unfortunate enough to be running a Winblowz peeC :D
  6. pretty good price considering trade price for an ASUS 18.5" monitor is $140
  7. MSY are doing a 1920x1080 acer 23" for $185 after $39 cashback ($224 upfront)

    RRP is $579 !
  8. Looking at another computer site, the acer cashback was to be used before 30th sep....
  9. What's that got to do with it, ordering one up for me macbook...
  10. Found the receipt for my Samsung 22" Widescreen LCD w/ 2ms response time the other day.

    Nearly 2 years ago I paid $435 for it, and that was after screwing D1ck Smith down to match a web-vendor's price.

    Just sold it to a mate for $80.
    Damn teck-nol-uh-gee
  11. I am getting a macbook pro, Might be a good idea, I could leave it at work and watch my movies on it.
  12. I've got one of these, bought it last week.

    It works fairly well although I don't think the angle of viewing is quite as good as the Dell monitor on the desk next to it and it doesn't have quite as much angle ajustment.

    Excellent value for money.
  13. 22" just seems a little small. I thought 24" would have a longer life span and went with that a couple of years ago. It still seems plenty big enough to fill the vision for desk distance. Any bigger and I'd have to move back and type with little xylophone beaters./././././
  14. Amazing isn't it with technology that a 22" is now considered small. I have a 24" ACD and it certainly works well and makes the old 22" HP that I have look a bit flat and small.
  15. My 19" 4:3 that came before it and that looked so big when I stepped up from 17" looks tiny now. Admittedly the image quality is better on the newer one as well.

    I'm pretty happy with 17" wheels though, at least on the tarmac*.

  16. I don't like the wide dot pitch of the pixels on most 22" and 24" monitors.

    My previous monitor was a 20" but it was 1680x1050 which is the same resolution as most 22" monitors.

    The main reason I bought this monitor was it is 1920x1080 which is the same resolution as most 24" monitors.

    I'd buy a 24" happily but I want the same number of pixels that most 30" monitors have :)
  17. What connectors does this monitor have? I'm looking at a 22" television for the kitchen, but they're up around the $800 mark for a decent HD one. If this has HDMI input it may do the trick if connected to a HD STB.
  18. You'll still need speakers
  19. There is a version of this monitor with built in speakers, that's the one I've got.

    I'm not sure if the discounted one in the original link has internal speakers though.