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Want a cheap scooter

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by Admiral Thrawn, Jan 21, 2007.

  1. Howdy folks.

    Had my motorcycle ('05 GPX250R) since Jan 3 and have been thinking a little scooter would be fun to have also.

    I want to be able to use it safely on 60km/h main roads, but it doesn't have to be anything flash.

    What sort of basic models are there and how cheap could I get them?


  2. I would suggest not getting anything lower than a 100cc, because you'll regret it.

    you can get brand new Bug Escape 90cc for $2400 plus ORC, or Honda Lead 100 for $2990 including ORC, maybe cheaper!
  3. I'm only looking for something to fool around on and have a bit of fun.

    Second-hand is the way to go. When I say cheap I mean less than $1.5k.
  4. buy a postie for 900 dollars or less
  5. That's a motorcycle, is it not?
  6. Depends on definition I suppose.
    It has an auto clutch but manual gears.
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  8. Interested to know why you gave him a price for the 90cc when you recommended nothing under 100cc :shock:

  9. because the speed difference is extremely minimal.

    I have gotten an Escape to travel at 80km/hour just the same as my 100cc.
  10. I might just get a used Yamaha 50cc. I guess it tops out at 60 or so but I won't be commuting on it.

    It will just be used to go down to the shops, practice wheelies, etc. :p
  11. if your after that sort of thing - basically a little 50cc scoot for a cheap as possible then there are 2 places i'd look.

    1) university noticeboards. Here in Perth, at all the unis you get a lot of students (especially Asian ones) who scoot around while at uni then they leave as soon as they've graduated and they basically just sell everything they own cause it aint worth taking home with them.

    2) your local free advertising paper, ours is called the "Quokka", probably the Trading Post or similar.

    Yamaha Jog 50cc for $1700 brand new.
    cant go past that.

  12. Thanks for the advice. Time to go hunting. :)
  13. Admiral Thrawn - try the engineering block at Adelaide Uni, or else the cloisters. Both good hunting grounds for ads from departing students.
  14. Or the noticeboards around Chinatown on Grote St, always lots of ads from Asian students.
  15. metalpetal.... you an engineer? I graduated 6 years ago... gosh I miss that place. So many stories, so many memories and so many drunken antics.

    Uni notice boards is the way to go, as scooter are just too cheap to advertise in the newspaper. www.scootersales.com.au may also be the way to go.

    Maybe you can take your scoot and ride with us to have a bit of fun. SA Scooter Club rides every Fri and Sun.

  16. Hi - no, not an engineer. Worked in the media office at Adelaide Uni for a while. Many trips to engineering block to get my version of stories verified (I didn't do too badly most of the time given that my education was completely humanities-oriented!)
  17. Whereabouts do you go riding?
  18. hunt around you can get em cheap for under $1K if you try.