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Wannabe street racers

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by disassembled, Jan 24, 2008.

  1. Thought I should have a whinge.

    I'm sitting here at my PC listening to the dickhead wannabe race drivers that come out on a thursday night, and seem to the area is a fully sik underground drift circuit or something. It's otherwise a quite neighbourhood.

    Almost every week i'm woken up at around 2 in the morning with some kid trying to drift his car around the corner outside my house. He doesn't even have enough power to get his POS sliding anyway.

    Don't these kids have anything else to do at 2 am on a friday morning? It's castle hill though, suppose mummy and daddy bought them a nice new car and they probably don't have to go to work in the morning.

    Rant: off.
  2. Well, you WILL live in the slums :rofl:.
  3. Norwest Boulevarde Loop circuit !

    Best drift circuit in the Hills !!!
  4. When I hear cars hooning about in the early hours of the morning it bugs me.

    But then I realise that I'm often out with friends doing the same thing and I know its alot of fun (not talking about drifting, just cruising around maybe fanging a bit, having fun), so on that basis of understanding I let it go.

    And I've got a semi loudish exhaust and work semi late..
  5. What street is this?
  6. Hoon Hotline
  7. Those morons on motorcycles riding at 200km/h really annoy me too...someone's gonna die....

    See, double standards...........

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. Hoons don't bother me. It's the cockhead in the next block with the unmuffled Harley doing laps at 4am that shits me - particularly since laps of the neighbourhood is the only riding they ever do.
  9. I live across the road from a park area ... and we constantly either have the car 'hoons' racing up and down our road, or some idiot with a 100cc or so dirt bike trying to be 'fully sik'
    It's funny though because when I had my $200 1972 celica with a 4 inch exhaust tip, I used to drive through quiet neighbourhoods just to see how many car alarms I could set off ...
    so all in all, if you have EVER done anything bad yourself, then just let it go ...
  10. when i was a shift worker sometimes i would take detours home past the houses of despised-exes and other people i didn't like, and drop a lot of revs and decibals at 3am

    especially this one guy who hated bikes, the sort who would move his car over a foot while stopped at a red light if he saw a bike filtering through behind him

    got over it kinda quickly. seems pretty petty now actually.
  11. They don't tend to come out at night and try to drift around the streets of residential areas. (NEAR MY CAR!)

    (Well i haven't encountered this anywhere i've lived)
  12. Super soaker filled with brake fluid! :twisted:
  13. Yeah, but the general public think that you, as a motorcyclist, are the same as these hoons, because of riders who do stupid things....
    Just as car enthusiasts aren't all out drifting at 2am.
    Everyone wants to be a NIMBY, but is only to happy to rip it up or inconvenience someone else when it suits them.
    Get my point?

    Regards, Andrew.