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Wannabe from Syd.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by dbro, Oct 30, 2007.

  1. hey all,
    just a post to introduce myself round here.. been cruising through these forums for a while, doing a bit of research into getting a bike and, as things are starting to firm up, thought i'd join..

    i'm from the north shore of sydney, and looking to get my L's sometime in Nov (after uni exams).. so far I've got my eyes set on a nice zzr-250 '01 model. thoughts?

    also, just looking out for anyone around that area of syd that could help with mentoring, weekend rides etc (already checked the events, but nothing coming up soon)..

    Cheers.. look forward to seeing you guys round.

    - d.
  2. Hey mate, I'm from narrabeen. Welcome.

    I'm selling my 2002 zzr250 in great condition in a week or two, at a very good price too.

    If you get your bike before I sell mine I'd be glad to come give you some mentoring - I've only been riding for a year, but could definitely help with the basics, and having someone to defend you from impatient tailgating cars is always good :)
  3. Welcome,

    Check out Syd North Coffee meet tomorrow night at Terry Hills, you are welcome even without a bike. Happy to chat to you about getting a bike, better to learn as much as possible before you jump into it..

  4. phizog -
    thanks for the offer mate. I had written a massive PM in reply, but forgot that I have to have 20 posts under my belt before I can do that.. freaking _____ .. Needless to say I'm quite interested in having a chat sometime.. :cool:

    karl -
    thanks for the invite. I checked out the thread for the meet, what time do you think you'll be back from the cruise? I live close to the tav so wouldn't take me long to get there, only issue is I've got a jam on that night..

    I feel welcome already :p thanks fellas.
  5. Haha no probs, see you at a meet sometime.
  6. Welcome mate, what suburb do you live in? Once exams are over, i'll be going for alot more rides on the weekend and week days too and i'd be more than happy to have some company. Otherwise just get yourself to a coffee meet to have a chat and you'll start going on rides in no time :grin:
  7. welcome to NR, your in the area of some of the best blokes on netrider, happy hunting

    p.s don't trust dan

    p.p.s don't ask me why not, i have no idea :LOL:
  8. Welcome to Netrider :). Looks like the nawshaw boys have taken you under their collective wing already :LOL:.
  9. Be aware these boys will take you under their wing and confidence and then once your under their control they secretly take you to the circle of doom for the initiation ceremony.... it doesn't hurt much apparently!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Welcome to the dark side.... :grin:
  10. is that what you guys are calling a NSW Netrider nasho run these days? :p :p :p

    oh, welcome to the forums dbro!
  11. Welcome :D Have fun, ride safe when you get going.
  12. Welcome dbro

    If you are down the Rouse Hill way on a Sat arvo feel free to drop in on us at the fiddler as well. There's always plenty of friendly faces to offer advice.
  13. Yeah Joel....had to buy me one of these for the next one


    Jeff take note!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  14. hahah wow. This has to be one of the friendliest forums I've seen (have been a part of two cars ones in the past).. must be something about bike riders..

    swiss - mate I live round the st ives area, and I'll be taking up your offer for sure when exams are over too (lol).. I finish 23rd Nov.. u?

    steve/hornet600/qbnspeedfreak/joel/lowercase/matrix - haha cheers fellas. feel part of the crew already, and I dont even own a bike :p

    hopefully I'll be seeing those of you who live on the 'nawshaw' in the next month, depending on bikes and licensing =\

    ps - where's a good (read, cheap) place to shop for gear round here? from what I've read its good to visit a few shops and go rifling through their bargain bins :D
  15. Probably the best places for gear are in Paramatta (3 shops within 200m, bikebiz, Actions, MCAS) or on the net (usual buyer beware conditions on ebay etc).
  16. I'll be wearing one of these to cover the rear every time I am around one of you eastsissyside boys :rofl: :rofl:

    The only way to feel safe I'm sure :LOL:

    Oh..........welcome dbro, should be back at the tavern at 7.00 ish and park out the back near the rear entry (westside) :LOL:

  17. L's booked for the 29-30/12 out @ cylde. Earliest time I could find..
  18. Hey dbro just read this thread after i've pm'd u. looks like u only live bout 5 mins from me. i'm hating the huuge wait to get licence, i just got in with mine last week up in tuggerah, pain in the ass gettin up at 6am to get there.

    BTW Northshore Motorcycles in Artarmon is having a huuge sale on atm 20%off jackets and stuff, you should go check em out sum time.
  19. heh gold mate.
    well when I can start to PM (i think 8 posts to go!) we should totally catch up..

    yea freaking huge wait for L's is lame. oh well. where did you do yours?
  20. hey mate just joined recently as well and starting to read throught the old threads to get to know some names. Dont live to far from you (macquarie park right next to macquarie centre) so might start seeing you across some of the ride days soon. Good luck with the licence :cool: