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Wanky Standard Parts...

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by FALCON-LORD, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. What is teh most Wanky standard part replacement you have heard of.

    We have one netrider who is going to be getting personalised gear and break leavers. (Name stamped on em)

    So what is the most wanky part any one has heard of?
    can you get titanium Leavers for a CT110? or CF Front guards for a GPX? Any one seen Carbon disks for a Maxi Scooter? tell me

    What is teh wankyest replacemnt part you have seen?
  2. It is with out a doubt a bright yellow Aprilia RSV 1000.

    No one needs one, let alone in lemon yellow. Poooofs I tell ya.

    But I would happily kill someone to put a set of Silver $ 3000 Marcharseni Magnesium wheels on it.

    (By the way I know that particular Netrider, and it was my idea first...)
  3. Anything anodised!!

    It'd be ultra cool if it was still the 80's!
  4. GOLD!! :LOL:

    How about coloured screen to match your bikes paint job with contrasting anodised bolts.
  5. Oh yeah!

    With leathers to match! :LOL:
  6. heheh, my brother has had a red VFR for the last six years but now has a yellow VFR. Guess the main colour of ALL his accessories, helmets, etc :LOL:.
  7. FL, is that wanky because you wouldn't want to do that for the trusty ZZR????? :p :LOL:

    hmmmm... I think I saw a track bike once with the guys name emblazened down the side... he didn't race and never intended to...

    ...I heard of a guy once buying a spankers gixxer thou just to get a date with a girl... not sure which you'd consider as the wanky accessory??????
  8. Goldwings - get a car already.

    Giant scooters - defies the whole point

    However, I did used to have a bicycle bell on my handlebar, before I had to make room for digital speedo :LOL:
  9. Oh my god , pull up a chair and pour your self a good long drink , this subject has BANGR all over it .

    Yes it is me that is getting the levers and yes thank you mark for planting the seed , were shall we start , hmm , latest is a $_00.00 fuel cap , yes anodised!! , (red) , in the pipe works are a set of leathers (with BANGR on them) that will make the sun pull its head in .

    A Black 996 is was never made , so lets make one , what the hell , I may buy a second set of wheel (wanker) why , oh because I need them (fcuk knows what for , but I did) .

    Lots more (wank factor) in my house and on my bike , and lots more to come .

    I shall go home tonight , grab a glass of red and head down to the Duke cave with MR Bruce Wayne and discuss the list that we shall compile of the crap I have done in the name of being a wanker.

    List coming
  10. 'Gatling gun' exhaust should rate high on this list... LOL, if you can't figure out a way of mounting a pair of fluffy dice on your bike, just get one of those. For example, this one

    'Yes, it spins!'
  11. anything that claims to improve hp on a street bike by any less than 10%
    i mean, seriously, for road riding.....who fuggen cares!?!
  12. Is Joel having a wank with his new avitar? :wink:
    Not as classy as a rum fuelled pirate :grin:
  13. so how many girls did he get in the end??
  14. repaired :LOL: it was a "you had to be there" kinda thing. i just forgot to put the pirate back!
    to stay sorta on topic though, the "s" symbol on some bikes is said to actually lower performance.....
  15. :LOL: Taken in good humor.......
  16. I do harbour a secret desire to get my name and the Aussie flag put on either side of my windscreen. :LOL: :LOL:

    I also want white boots. I don't why, but I just do...

    Wank on brother Bangr!!
  17. This is so wrong.

    VTRElmarco and Bangr trying to outdo (out wank!) each other for bling!

    Bangr, I am hanging out for the levers, can't wait to see them!
  19. NNNNooooooooooooooo!!!

    I am so going to get you when you are wounded and slow. :LOL: :LOL: