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Wankers in Commodores

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by [FLUX], Nov 17, 2007.

  1. Trying to get to sleep, but kept playing this encounter I had a while back with a wanker in his Crummydore. I thought to share it, maybe if it'll help me sleep if I get it off my chest. :roll: :LOL:

    Despite having closed on this guy and his passengar mate at a great rate through a nice set of twisties, said individual thinks it'll be cool to try to race me. He's trying hard. How hard? Like using the entire road hard, as in arcing right into the inside apex of the oncoming lane through right handers, then drifting it back into our lane, and around left handers he's planting his foot and fishtailing it and running wide again back into the oncoming lane. Get to any straight bit, and he's 3/4ths into the oncoming lane in an effort to ensure that I stay behind him, only moving back into his lane when oncoming cars arrive. Silly to try to go to his left 'cos who knows what he'll do?

    The whacked thing about all of this, aside from that had I even attempted to overtake the wanker he'd have likely endup up hitting me or running me off the road, is that I was pretty much just travelling along at a fairly sedate cornering pace for me, entirely within my own lane, and I more positioning myself out of anticipation that if this guy braked hard, spun out, or hit an embankment, that I'd not be running into him. This guy was being a total dickhead and endangering everyone, including himself, all to try to stay in front of someone who obviously had absolutely no trouble catching him and following him sedately at a safe distance.

    Yep - you truly do see some real wankers if you ride around for long enough. Dangerous? This guy could have easily lost it and run headlong into an oncoming car.

    Moral of the story and my real reason for posting this is that sometimes it really pays to just leave the wankers alone, 'cos it's not worth it if they take you out with them even if you have the ability to get past. Need to ask yourself - is it really worth it? It's clear that said wanker didn't ask that of himself.
  2. Had a similar sort of thing happen on the King Valley Highway about 6 months back. Some hero in a highlux was desperately trying to stay ahead of my group to the point where he was cutting across into the opposite lane around blind corners.

    If anyone was coming the other way they would have been hit. Tried dropping back so he could drop his pace and drive more safely but I don't have any gears below first.
  3. templemonkey... :LOL: thats gold.
  4. Yeah, if I ever find people driving aggressively I never try to overtake them - if they are trying and can't get away from me with 4 wheels then they're clearly a $hit driver and overtaking would be too dangerous. :grin:
  5. Well I don't want to tar all Commodore drivers as I am sure a small percentage 1% maybe are normal folk but around my area especially if I venture down Chapel Street its like well PLANET OF THE APES looking into every Commodore, it appears mandatory for every Commodore to have five boofheads in it with hairy arms sticking out the windows.
  6. That species of Orangutan has been known to have a preference for riced up lancers and wrx's too :)
  7. Lemme guess. He had his arm hanging down the door, hey?

    I think I saw his brother yesterday. :wink:
  8. I'm always surprised at the number of cars who blindly use the whole road. Culprit number 1 is the riceburner car clubs. Accidently got in the middle of one of their days out a while ago, there was no thought of anyone coming the othe way.

    Disclaimer: Writer has nothing against turbo cars or their drivers. :LOL:

  9. Ive noticed this problem with those piece of shit holdens as well. Dont they know the are about 5 years behind in technology, severely outdated buckets of crap, my little corolla can beat em off the lights, but they seem to think they have a "sick" car. The reason they are al over the road is because the suspension is shit, also there 2 brain cells have to do two things at once, drive and breath, its kinda hard for em, poor buggers.
  10. Better to stay behind a scud missile than to infront of one.

    +1 Flux
  11. good work Flux - I probably would have given up after a while, pulled over & waited 10 mins to give me some space to play before I caught him again
  12. +1 to keeping the hell away from them. I'd have pulled over and waited - may have been doing them and other road users a favor by doing so as you're nto there to egg them on anymore.

    I dragged some guys off in a Commodore at the lights in Cranbourne on Wednesday. I'd filtered to the front and they were in the far left lane which is a turning lane/go ahead and merge lane.

    They made sounds in my direction and I grinned and thought wtf ... if I lose I have an excuse (250). Lights went green and for all of about 5 seconds I could not see them in my peripheral vision and then they appeared and passed. I caught up to them at the next traffic lights, they were stuck about 15 cars back. I slowed down as I split past them and yelled 'It's a 250 - and gave them the finger and a grin and took off. Ahaha!
  13. Much better to stay a safe distance behind,

    Think of all the crashes you'd miss seeing if you just went past all these wankers....................
  14. I believe the species is called 'Homoboganus' (pronounced homo-bow-garn-us) A mix between Homosapien and bogan.

    Bogan - Neanderthal like human
    Homosapien - Human Being
  15. This kind of behaviour always intrigues me ...... there is no way they can out-accelerate or out-manoeuvre a bike and yet they persist. C'mon guys, it's a simple matter of power-to-weight, you ain't got it, so why humiliate yourselves? :roll:
  16. (In a 7 year-old voice) - 'Urrrrgh! YOU got beaten by a giiiiiirrrl' :LOL: Another well-deserved c*ck-shrinking moment there Rosie :applause:
  17. While not quite a commodore, I did have an encounter with a station wagon.

    Sitting at the lights at a T-intersection, waiting to turn off the main stretch of road. There's a station wagon wanting to go left from the road I was to be heading along.

    Lights go green for him and he plants it around the corner, rear end fishtailing majorly, as he zig-zagged across both lanes a couple of times before wobbling back into the correct lane and racing off. Perhaps he was trying to show how hard he was when he saw a group of bikers?

    Luckily there was no one else around for him to hit. If the group I was in arrived at the intersection a little later, we might have been cleaned up by him. The area in which it happened has a bit of a concentration of bogans, and it's not the first time I've witnessed some eejits lose control of their cars there. :shock:
  18. Nice going on taking it easy...

    I remember going on putty road once, I saw a group of riders come up behind me. Just stuck to my own lane and my own speeds, and let them pass when they went by..

    Also lots of space around my car. Hyundai Getz :)

    Pity the person that encourages those fools.. :)
  19. What suburbs that?
  20. Have to be Logan...hahaha lets just say inala so we can agree ;)
    Just stirrin :grin: