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Waning about Ebay 240V floodlights

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by TRA, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. I bought a few of these recently for a job at home. The floodlights are 30W LED RGB units, straight out of china. The light output is great, but I was warned from a friend about that they may not be earthed, so I decided to check. Now in my case, the lights are to be mounted about 3m in the air, so they wont hurt anyone. But rules is rules, and the law says they must be earthed.

    Now for those who dont know electronics, the inside of the light fixture contains 2 main parts. First part is a power supply know as a switched mode power supply (SMPS) that converts 240V down to about 12V. The second part is a controller for the LED lamp. The SMPS takes the mains voltage of 240V AC and turns it into about 400V DC. Looking at the photos, the litte controller board is floating around the section of the power supply that has 400V. Ie, really, REALLY dangerous.

    These lights are not just a safety hazard, they are a real fire hazard. I am in the process of rebuilding mine to make the compliant, and safe. Be warned, if you buy some, get your sparky to look inside before he installs them.


  2. Thanks for the info, I've been eyeing those off on eBay for some extra shed lighting.
  3. I hope my eBay leathers are built to a better standard :rofl:

    Seriously, shocking :shock: