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Wangaratta to melb

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by vossy53, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. Hi members. Can anyone suggest a country road to get to Melb as by the time we arrive in Wangaratta well be sick of the Hume etc. (Travelling from Coffs Harbour to Melbourne)
    Look forward to any suggestions. Cheers

  2. I did it via the coast down through batemans bay, lakes entrance it was a nice cruisy ride and very scenicwith plenty of places to stop over for food accommodation.

    But if you want a more twisty ride via Wangartta down to mansfield then healsville into Melbourne
  3. And if you are coming down the Hume, after Wodonga go to Wang via Beechworth. Great bike roads and not much further.
  4. You can come down through what the truckies call "the slide" take the Mansfield Rd/Midland Hwy out of Benalla, This will bring you onto the Maroondah Hwy, enjoy the run through the Spur.
  5. This


    Some of my Fave stretches in there...



    Eildon jamieson rd (cut this out to save time if you like and go via Yarck then taggerty)

    EDIT: oops, thanks Joe fixed link.. :)
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  6. +1 to Stu's route some great fun in there. No fuel in Tolmie any more the general store has closed and Whitfield has fuel only normal working hours during the week and Saturday morning but closed on Sunday. Last trip through we coasted in to Mansfield on fumes.
  7. Hey stuey.
    you know you have the Acheron Way there with dirt roads...lol
    Were you meaning across to Marysville then Reefton Spur?

  8. yep Ooops, meant to be just through black spur..


    fixed link.

  9. Thanks for your help members!