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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Kate J, Mar 4, 2015.

  1. Hi everyone :)
    I'm planning on arriving in Adelaide from the UK, buying a bike and going for a tour and selling the bike at the end. Does anyone have any contacts, tips, hints...?

  2. G'day Kate J

    bikesales.com.au will give you an idea of bike prices.

    What sort of tour are you looking at? Off the beaten track or sticking to the coast? How far? How long have you got and when?

    What sort of advice are you after?

  3. I've got about 3 months, mainly on road. Want to fit in some diving somewhere along the way and want to feel warm after the cold UK winter so probably heading north west.
    My main concern is buying, registering and insuring the bike & staying on the right side of the law!
    I don't want to walk into a dealership without some prior knowledge. Quite happy to buy a bike privately too but not really sure where to start!
    I should be around at the beginning of May.
  4. By north west do you mean like Broome? From Adelaide that means crossing the Nullabor - maybe not something you'd wanna do on your lonesome? middomiddo would be the guy to ask...

    The Queensland far north coast has the barrier reef (Cairns etc)

    As to keeping on the right side of the law, a vehicle is registered in the state of residence of the owner. You'd probably want to get something with enough rego to cover the period of travel and then some. It varies from state to state, but there is CTP (compulsory third party) insurance that is part of the rego and is transferred with the ownership. You would need to get your own insurance for third party property only or comprehensive if you are so inclined. Ambulance cover would be a good idea also.

    I assume you have a full motorcyle licence?

    What sort of things do you want to see?
  5. Oh, and you can't use your own helmet - You'd have to buy one here that has AS/NZS 1698 compliance
  6. Not sure what my state of residence would be. Can this be done as a non-resident?
    Sounds like I might be better sticking to the coast? Don't really want to follow the main tourist trail tho.
    Looks like there's plenty of opportunities for camping around so that will probably be my main choice.
    I have a full UK licence but been bikeless for 12 months :(
    Last bike was a f650gs but looking for something a little lighter this time.
  7. Thanks for that! I was planning on bring my own gear and selling it on :/
  8. From Adelaide it is pretty easy to get to Pertha and then the North West, all bitumen roads. But some of it get pretty remote. There are places across the Nullarbor that put you 800 kms from the nearest town in either direction. But fuel is no more than 100 kms apart if I remember correctly, and although it is exhoritantly priced (think European prices), it is quite do-able. Mobile phone coverage is reasonable (Telstra only) and we found that we were rarely out of coverage. It is better across the Nullarbor than the in Western Australia.

    If you want to continue up North to Broome, then there are some long stretches with minimal fuel. I think you may have a 300 km stretch right up north somewhere, so make sure you have a big tank, or bring some extra fuel with you.

    In general Australians in the outback are eager to help and really nice people. Motorcyclists will stop to help you if you are stuck just about anywhere, and car and caravan drivers will all want to talk. The novelty of a lone motorcyclist will be irresistable, and a great help if you need it.
  9. The distances sound huge - used to never being further than 2m from anyone else!
    Roughly how long would it take to get from Adelaide to Perth without rushing too much? Just trying to get an idea of what's possible on a 3 month visa.

    Sounds like solo trips aren't the norm?
  10. Let me know if you need some help with bikes when you get here. There are plenty of nice rides around Adelaide to start with and several local riders on here you could hook up with.
  11. I would suggest an itinery such as :
    Day 1 - Adelaide to Crystal Brook, see the Adelaide hills, buy some wine, enjoy the twisties while you can. About 200 kms in a straight line, but go through Hahndorf, Lobethel and other towns. Some locals could give you a better idea here. Other possible stopping points would be Gladstone or Laura.

    Day 2 - Crystal Brook to Port Lincoln. About 450 kms, and a few little villages to explore along the way. Enjoy some seafood for lunch and dinner.

    Day 3 - Port Lincoln to Ceduna. The western side of the Eyre Peninsula has longer distances between towns, but still a fair bit to see 400 kms today. Enjoy a good nights sleep as the real riding starts tomorrow.

    Day 4 and 5 - Ceduna to Norseman, across the Nullarbor. I would suggest picking a roadhouse with accommodation half way across, such as Madura. There is not a heap to see out in the middle, so see everything. 1200 kms over the two days.

    Day 6 - Norseman to ... Choices here. The inland route through Kalgoorlie and onto Southern cross is about 750 kms to Perth. The coastal route through Esperance, Albany, Margaret river is 1400 kms. I would take three days and go the coastal route. There is plenty to see in southern WA.

    So easily achievable in 6 days, and 8 days would get you the sights of Southern WA too (wineries, great food, some windy roads and fantastic scenery)

    Most would travel in small groups of 2 or three. Between Ceduna and Norseman, around 1200 kms, there is literally no towns. They just have roadhouses with accommodation. Personal safety is probably not a huge issue, but breakdowns could be difficult to manage on your own, and accidents would be problematic.
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  12. Hi Kate J, have you checked out http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/
    Ask you questions there, as there will be someone there that has already done what you plan to do.
    There is plenty of info available on there website.