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wanabe/soon-to-be learner(got my "L's" yesturday..

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by blufox22, Nov 10, 2007.

  1. Hi im Kath. Been on here for a while, thought id say hi.

    Im in Melbourne. Goen for my "L's" on the 10th of Dec, been putting it of...scared of stuffing up. I done the 4hr course through DECA the other day, it was so cool being on the bike (excuss the childish term ie:cool)!!

    Guy told me i done really well with cornering, just need to get my confidence up when taking off...didnt like to let go of the clutch (scared of wrecking the bike). He told me id do fine with the test.

    Brought my self a bike, was thinking of getting an across, but didnt like it after a sat on one. Brought a 91 FZR250 (3LN series).

    My babies in parts at the moment. Hubbies spiffen her up, and changing parts, so she sparkles when we take her out...when i get my licence that is.

    He owns a Kawasaki ZX6R. Ive been a back seat rider for the past 3 years.

    Any who i think thats enough about me. So any ways, "HI 2 ALL ON NR".

    smiles all round, from Kath


    i got my L's .....now i have to finish the bike.
  2. Welcome to Netriders!!

    I was scared to be a pillion in January, but I got my licence in September! :grin:

    Just go and do it, you'll love it when you can set the pace, and have a better view than the back of his helmet! :cool:
  3. Welcome Aboard Kath :)
    I'm sure you will do very well. With 3 years as a pillion, and hubby already a rider, you are already one up on most of us newbies.
    ( me included )

    Trust your bike ...Be Confident .. Enjoy & Stay Safe

  4. Dont be so sure VCM!Yes it is good to have support from someone who knows stuff.. my guy rides a 1000 BUT he did the first 300kms on my ride while i waited for my Ls.
    And being pillion has its ups and downs(ouch).
    And going from pillion on a 1000 to riding my own is such a speed shock! Worse still was going from only my little ride for weeks at restricted speed to getting on the back of the 1000...OMG!
    I think sometimes having a supportive partner can complicate things.....
  5. Speed shock??...Dont you mean POWER shock?

    if your in a 100km zone on a 250cc (doing 100kmh) or if your on a 1000cc in a 100km zone (doing 100kmh)...its still 100kmh...

    more power...more grunt...not more speed.

    His support is the only support i have. He showed me how to ride his bike, if it wasnt for him id no sweet FA about bikes.

    At the moment were pullen my baby (fzr) apart and were doing it together, and he's teaching me about all the machanical works.

    Being a pillion isnt that bad...i love being with him on the bike, theres no place id rather be (expept on my own, but then id still like to go ridding with him)

    so in regards to a supportive partner being a bad thing...i dont see how?
  6. Ha Ha blufox22 u take me too seriously!!
    I also would know zilch if not 4 my guy, he's wonderful! But he thinks he's created an obsessed monster when it comes to bikes! :grin:
    No I mean speed shock.... I can only travel at 80km, he on the other hand does track days..... and he is only limited by the bike and his own skill and does not hold back!
    I'm glad your guy is showing you how to do all the mechanics, I love that bit myself, way back in the olden days when i was 19 and had my first car I used to do as much as my girly self could do when it came to fixing stuff.
  7. Welcome Kath, little Fizzer's are a nice little pocket rocket.
    Hope you get her on the road soon.
  8. :idea: aaahhh...track days...now that makes more sense. Thats something my hub would love to do...doesnt know how to start up though, plus his bike needs a little tlc at the moment (had an incounter with a car turning right from a left hand lane)

    cars, i can do mechanical work on cars...i grow up playen with cars...my dad was a mechanic he was trying to make me his side kick since i was old enough to hold a spanner...he retired before i could start an apprenticship with him.

    oh how rude of me i havnt even said a hello back: "HELLO" carolf_au, VCM, 2troo and im.on.it

    by the way ...does any one know where theres a place in melbourne to get parts for an import bike? haven a little trouble chasen some parts

    ie; front brake disks
    head light glass, just the outer cover(didnt bounce when it hit the floor)ooooops...i didnt do it...he did.

    keep smilen...but dont smile to much, people might wounder what youve been up to! :LOL:
  9. Welcome aboard.. You will love 2 wheels i assure you.. :grin:
  10. I got my learners permit yesturday...wasnt as hard as i thought it would be... cant wait to get out on the road
  11. Heya Blufox,

    Congrats on getting your L's, there's no stopping you now!!!

    Also, nice choice of bike. Have/had one myself.

    If you need parts, try sumoto. They're horribly expensive, and the service is terrible, but they've always got the parts you need.

    Point in case: Getting RWC for my '89 FZR250, day before realised I needed a new left footpeg, as the rubber might not pass, and I didn't want to risk it. Trundle on up sumoto, they sold me one $50. Ouch. But I got it, straight away.
  12. YAY Blufox!! :LOL:
    Ahhhh the wide open rode for you!!
  13. thanks for the advice 'darkyp' about parts.

    cant wait to get my bike out on the road