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Waltzing Matilda

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Auscruiser, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. Andy

  2. What's 'Waltzing Matilda'?

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  3. No idea

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  4. Who Cares?

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  5. Who comes up with these stupid polls anyway?

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  1. How well do you know the song?

  2. "Andy sang as he watched and waited while his billy boiled..."
  3. Aaaah, but true to Ozzie form, Andy was just his nickname. His real name was Gareth.
  4. You mean like redheaded guys getting called "Blue" :LOL:
  5. It could also be ‘Frenchy’ Hoffmeister, who was a swagman found dead at a nearby camp after the shearing shed, that was on a property that Banjo Patterson enjoyed riding around, burned to the ground during a dispute between the shearers and their employer :)
  6. What a sad commentary on our nation that our best known song is a piece of doggerel glorifying a thief.....
  7. I do believe the lyrics go:

    'And he sang as he watched and waited till his billy boiled'.

    At least that is what I was taught many years ago.
  8. How is it a sad commentary Hornet?? Australia was founded and populated by thieves, scoundrels, blackguards and bounders.

    All our greatest heroes have been complete bastards. Ned Kelly, Chopper Read, Neddy and The Dodger...

    We're a nation who knows it's past is shady and is damn proud of it...
  9. I would think any pride in the Aussie scoundral image would be based on the notion that they were good people going bad to stand up against unjust condtions - or simply out of the necessity to feed one's family or survive.

    As for Chopper Reed being "our" hero, I'd like to know where that comes from? He's an interesting lunatic - nothing more...
  10. What?, as opposed to 'The Hokey Kokey' and 'Yankee Doodle Dandy' ?
  11. yeah his name is never mentioned, hence the question. haha,

    and he = andy
  12. I don't often disagree with you Pete, but this time I do.
    Australia was founded by thousands of free settlers like my ancestors, who spent most of their time looking over their shoulders worrying about the thieves and murderers. Like many things in life their contribution wasn't glamorous, so it wasn't glorified in song, although Paterson did a lot to remind us of their battles with the elements and nature, in many of his poems.

    Our national songs, both official and unofficial, are an embarrassment in comparison to those of many other countries, who also, by the by, had thieves and rogues in their past too, but had enough sense not to shout it from the rooftops.....
  13. Sorry Hornet, my post was definitely tongue in cheek there. But just somehting else to chew on: Those free settlers that spent their lives looking over their shoulder for the thieves and murderers, were they the same free settlers who displaced and murdered thousands of 'savages' so they could **** this beautiful country with their cloven hoof farm animals and foreign crops??
  14. We probably shouldn't open up THAT debate, Pete, lest the 'frothing at the mouth' poster jumps on it, like he did in the Cronulla Riots thread.

    Let's just say that the past has been convincingly 'winston smithed' to suit modern guilt-driven agendas, shall we?
  15. im with pete here, in my opinion there is no glamour in our past!
  16. This is deep for a thread in the Jokes and Humour Section :LOL:
  17. Paul, I have ancestors that are both convicts and free settlers. Yes I am seventh generation Australian on my father's side and I can tell you right now that the difference between a free settler and convict was little. Yes some of the convicts were very naughty people but they had the misfortune of being been born poor.

    You have to remember when the convicts were sent here the world was a very different place, it was pretty tough if you were not born into money to make a living so thieving was a way of life and a cultural thing.

    Waltzing Matilda as a national anthem no friggin way, Advance Aussie Fair is OK but I like the song "you are we are all Australians" says a lot more about the modern Australia.
  18. Hmmm, you may have a point Hornet. Consider this can of worms closed.

    People, put your popcorn away...

    I'm actually surprised no-one picked me up on the Neddy and the Dodger remark... I think I'm the only person in the world who thinks they're pretty cool...
  19. Matilda = bedroll
    Waltzing Matilda = drifting around the outback
    Swagman = itinerant worker
    Squatter = landholder
    Jumback = sheep
  20. Well put Matti. But I'd like to think that Flame Trees by Cold Chisel sums up modern Australia the best.... Unless we want top re-open the can of worms and say that "Solid Rock" is the truest depction of Australia ever put into song form...

    They were standing on the shore one day,
    Saw the white sails in the sun,
    Wasn';t long before they felt the sting,
    Of White man, white law, white gun.
    Don't tell me they were justified,
    Somewhere, someone lied...