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Walter Rohrl goes tapdancing

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by Gromit, Oct 30, 2005.

  1. Okay, this isn't bike footage but it's awesome anyway.


    Streaming video of Walter Rohrl rallying an Audi Quattro Sport in the mid-80s. Check out the footwork (and the insane spectators)!

  2. Very nice footwork...........

    Walter Rohl is a rally driving legend.

    If you want to be blown away even more, try downloading "Ari Vatanen"
    going up Pikes Peak, all the images are from the video file , right click and "save as" , it's a 66mb file and all images are linked to the same file.


    I like to ride fast, but i think i would shit myself in that car, wouldnt want to go over the edge either, no guard rails :p

    ceers ratty
  3. Ari Vartenen @ Pike's Peak = certifiable maniac!!!

    Check out the corner where the sun blinds the windshield completely, and he doesn't even lift......
  4. The Ari Vatanen "Climb Dance" flick is brilliant.

    And the helicopter shots showing you what's over the edge (several thousand feet of nothing) put the whole thing into perspective somewhat!
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  6. GASP!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I suspect that clip doesn't do the event justice (the soundtrack certainly doesn't!).

    But it didn't get me very interested. The pilot has to be very precise when lining up for and passing through the gates, but it hardly looks like every-millisecond-on-the-edge. Which is a fair way to describe the challenges faced by Walter and Ari when they're in the office.

    And from my position of extreme ignorance when it comes to aviation sports, I reckon the pylon racing guys would have a harder time of things than the chap flitting around by himself over Budapest:


    Does anyone run pylon races in Oz?

    Or...maybe I'll feel more involved watching these guys:


  8. With a 360deg in 0.6 of a second rate of roll, at 20 feet off the deck, at 400-500kph, pulling 8-10 gees in the turn, I assure you the pilot lives "every-millisecond-on-the-edge". Not to belittle Walter and Ari, but they go over the edge fairly often, and live to race another day. The air-racer only ever gets to make one mistake.

    Ahh Reno...I have seen 'Rare Bear' in action at Reno, a few facts about 'Rare Bear' you may appreciate.

    850kph at 30 feet off the deck, in a 12g turn, is a day at the office.

    4000+ HP at 2900rpm is all it takes

    She Burns 600 gallons of fuel per hour, 20 gallons of oil, (and a shitload of Nox)!

    She is perfect example of how newer technology is not always better. She is 60 years old, and nothing built since can beat her.

    Ditto her pilot who is as old as me, so contrary to what is often said here, old blokes can still have fun.


    As to air racing in Oz. Our anal retentive bureaucrats at CASA make unlimited class air-racing impossible here. We do have Formula 1 though, and I still occasionally race a mates Cassut in that class. It is nothing like unlimited though, we are talking only 350kph, (but that’s on only 100hp).