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Wallpaper - Where's the good stuff?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by van, Jul 29, 2006.

  1. So I've been trying to find some good motorbike wallpaper, but I'm struggling to find anything particularly good. There's always heaps of great car ones, but doesn't seem to be true of motorbikes! I'm trying to find some of sports bikes winding through mountain roads or on the track. Obviously I'd prefer good quality shots - professional kinda stuff, you know? I run 1280x1024, so that'd be nice too. But hey, maybe I'm asking for too much!

    So yeah, if you've got some links that fit those specs, please share!

  2. Hopefully Netrider will have their own soon.

    I want to start photographing (stunters to begin with)

    but let me know, I can always photograph stuff to create pretty cool wallpaper
  3. Thanks lads, good work :)
  4. hey van if you want some photos of your bike - just use google images then click "sort by larger images" - i do it for my dream bike *day dreams* - one day...one day!
  5. It may seem obvious, but MotoGP.com has some nice shots if the GP bikes float your boat. Unfortunately they're in 1280x960, so to remain correctly proportioned you'll need to centre them and have some black strips either side. Still, many a good shot in the gallery there.
  6. Sports Rider (which hornet600 linked to earlier) has a lot of nice wallpapers. I'm using this one at the moment.
  7. Arrrrrrr penis.

    There were some great ones at either ride or Bike magazine's website, but I can't find the bastarding websites.
  8. bikepics.com has plenty of pics of bikes though as they're from everyday owners they're not always of the highest quality.
  9. hey van, i reckon my bike looks good as a wallpaper

  10. That IS a nice pic, what's the size goosh???
  11. what do you mean size, i have no clue bout these sought of things, i just took the pic with my digital camera, if ya want me to send it to ya, let me know
  12. It's 640 x 480... works better if it's 1024 x 768 on most PCs

    but great pic GOOSH... already in my wallpaper folder :cool:
  13. What we REALLY need is some 1280x1024 stuff. Even the cheapest of 17" TFTs run at that as native res.

    But I'm not proud, it's a great pic, I love low-level stuff of bikes...
  14. how bout this , i changed the settings on the camera to 1024 b4 i took the photo so i think it worked. too bad for the guy who walked out the door when i took the photo, by way, its jonny o's bike and i dont know who's is the yamaha from todays kinglake ride.

  15. Lucky beggars, parking on footpaths :evil:
  16. Nothing better than parking on the footpath, getting off your bike and giving the parking inspector a friendly nod as he walks by trying to pretend he doesn't care that you can do it :)

    On back on topic. I don't like the "real" MC style wallpapers so I use Windowblinds (not free) and the theme motoXP. It has two "drawn" wallpapers included - one of a motorbike, the other of a helmet.