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Wallet hazard on Rathdowne st

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by titus, Jul 6, 2006.

  1. The boys in blue were out this morning, sitting at the end of Rathdowne street Carlton, waiting to pick off any riders sliding down the bicycle lane. When I caged past, they had a scooter and a 'Prller RSV pulled over.
    This is quite a common occurance in this location nowadays, so you've got to ask yourself if it's really worth it, I guess.
    Of course, the pedallers were having a great time watching this. and encouraging the cops to see if they couldn't defect the bikes as well!
    The one ray of light was that a suit in a Commodore piped up and shouted out, "They're not the problem officer, it's those b@stards!" (pointing to the cyclists).

  2. I can't believe that bikes and, err, bikes can't co-exist in these lanes. We travel at the same speeds, encounter the same hazards... where is the 'safety' issue? I use bike lanes all the time and have never had a problem with a cyclist.

    Why does the fact my bike doesn't require me to pedal my arse off make us so different?

    Cyclists can lane-split, use bike lanes, run red lights :LOL:, don't pay rego, don't need a licence, park wherever they want. In addition, I have a dirty big headlight and make noise that alerts other road users to ny presence. I also pay rego and go through licencing schemes, wear heaps of safety gear and pay through the nose to keep my bike roadworthy and safe...

    Is it about rewarding cyclists with an easier ride because they are so environmentally friendly? It must be, because I can't see the safety issue.

    It's like saying footpaths can be used for walking but not jogging, sprinting or any kind of brisk walking. :roll:
  3. Were the cyclists seriously doing that? What a shower of bastards! To actually stop and tell the cops to search for defects, man thats bitter. I have to say I dont have much time for cyclists. To act like they own the road when they contribute nothing. They are they most wreckless road users I've seen in Australia and they wear no gear. They split traffic and cycle across crossings, as well as cycle against traffic. To top it all off, the contempt that they have for other road users is unreal! Even pedestrians suffer the poor buggers.
  4. Maybe police should start targetting all the cyclists who ride through red lights. Am sure that'd earn more money and would provide a better focus on actual road safety.
  5. Don't get me wrong, I've got nothing against cyclists. If anything, I envy the freedom from over-regulation that they enjoy. But I think it would be nice if the obvious similarities between our forms of transport saw us share things like bike lanes and lane-splitting, instead of us being treated like the pondscum of road users.

    Just because we like to act tough and wear leather, doesn't mean we aren't vulnerable road users just like cyclists are. We still hit the road just as hard.
  6. It's interesting that a bike lane offence for a motorcyclist is $100 and no demerit points AFAIK.

    Running a red is 3 demerit points and a bigger fine from memory... but if you are a cyclist without a vehicle licence, how do you apply demerits?
  7. Funny you should type that... A week or two ago I saw three push-bike cops pull over a pushy rider who went through a red light here on Collins street in the city.

    A few minutes later (As I was still walking down the road) one of the push-bike cops flew after a cabbie who ran a red and would you believe caught the cab! It looked like the cop was wrote a fine too.

    Dunno, as much as I don't want to take cops on push-bike in bike shorts seriously, or think it's safe, they seem to be very fast to fine around the city.
  8. The particularly irritating thing about this operation is that it was being conducted about 75m from the intersection with Victoria St. Another 25metres and the riders would have been legally allowed to use the bike lane to access the left hand slip lane. That's just cruel IMHO.
    Dan, like you I would love to be able to say that we and cyclists have some shared issues and should be able to work together for the common good. Sadly, they don't see it that way (at least not the ones around my area, nor Bicycle Victoria).
  9. So true - Why would you need to look at it from anyone else's point of view when you have it that good? Why would they want to work with us - they've got (and continue to get) everything they want.
  10. Could not have put in better myself....bloody selfish bastards.
  11. i think everyone out on the roads needs to try and get along with each other, i use all 3 forms of transport, i drive the car once per week (so i can take clothes into work without squashing them), i ride the motorbike twice per week and ride the pushy twice also. Least favourite is the car, its slow, boring and not much fun, the motorbike is the 2nd favourite, its quick, can lane split and take short cuts through creeks, but the most favourite is the pushy, mainly because its peaceful, i have found a way to work using bike paths and back roads so dont have to encounter much traffic. Its also just as quick as the car, plus i save fuel, and am environmentally friendly. So i think if everyone minds there own business and worries about there own trip to work rather than yelling abuse at other road users we would all be much happier and less stressed, the road is there to share. IF the other user doesnt affect you then leave it alone, dont be jealous that they are quicker or having more fun then you, my 2c
  12. It makes me laugh to hear the motorbike riders whinging coz they can't use something that wasn't designed or intended for them.

    You all need to picture this as this is a possible scenario of shared bike lanes. Your Mum decides to take up cycling for some fitness in her older years as it is a good non weight bearing (for her bad hip) exercise. She is gently riding down the bike lane of a heavy traffic road at a leisurely 15kmh, when 'knuckles' on his ear splittingly loud, 4foot wide Harley Davidson, shoots up behind her. now whilehe may be patiently waiting behind her, can you imagine the stress your Mum is currently under to get out of the way of this 'biker'? As well as the pain her ears are in?

    I would safely say that in a 60kmh zone most motorcycles will travel at the speed of the traffic or at 60kmh, whichever is greater. However, while there are many cyclists able to travel at this speed amongst traffic, it would be FAR from the majority (refer above example). So unless you are happy to travel at 15kmh in a 60zone like the cyclist may be, stay out of the cycling lane. Motorbikes are grouped with the cars because they travel at similar speeds.

    Oh, and don't tar all cyclists with the same brush because some wanted to see the bikes off the road, we're not all A'holes. Just as not all motorcyclists belong to gangs and kill people over drug territory!
  13. As a Rider of both motered and human powerd bikes. i can see both sides of this argument.

    Motorbikes have a lot more weight and momentum in them and as a cyclist i can see why you would want a little space from them.

    But if the space isn't being used (IE No cyclist there) then Why on earth shouldn't motorbikes use the space.

    I use bike lane space quite often on the motorbike, but i always head check and give way to cyclists when using that space.

    As for cyclists giving stick to Motorbikes. You find Tossers all over the place, why should Cyclists be any diferent.

    Today i saw a guy on a top of the line Cannondale Full suspension number pull in at the lights. i nodded He nodded. it was a good meeting of diferent riders...

    Not All cyclists believe they are special. but some... Well it's sort of like Vegitarians, you get some who that is what they do, and others that get on this high an mighty psudo religios thing.
  14. Yeah and pilots flew planes into the twin towers, you bastard! :p :roll:
  15. Every morning and evening I have to go through a set of lights in the CBD that only allow 2 or 3 cars through at a time. There is a cycle path across those lights with go/stop lights for the cyclists. They NEVER obey those lights, a constant stream of cyclists across the junction prevents vehicles getting through on green, I often have to wait 2 or three light changes before I can get across. Multiply that by all the vehicles using those lights and tell me how that is "environmentally friendly"....
  16. Ok I was going to stay out of this because I did not want to inflame anything. However as someone who commutes both ways I am going to put a little something in.
    I think it is very poor form for the cyclists to give the motorcyclists a hard time.
    As to having it that good, I do not think it it is that good a deal. I have to ride my pushbike on the side of the road where all the garbage accumulates and then I still get pushed further across by motorists that do not give me the amount of room by law I am allowed to have.
    I agree a lot of pushbike riders are cowboys and bring bad news to all riders.
    I think all two wheel brethren should band together to get a better deal.
  17. Hopefully the argument shouldn't be won or lost by a single hypothetical case about a guy with an open pipe - that kind of thinking will get you a job at the TAC :?

    I suppose it's important to point out bike lanes are useless to motorcylists at higher speeds. They become useful when there is a traffic jam, ie 100+ cars stuck in peak hour, suddenly the cyclists are now the fastest road users. This is where motorcyclists can adapt - by reducing their speed to that of a cyclist (around 20kph) they can make good use of the lane without disadvantaging anyone. At this speed, you'd be hard pressed to come up with a logical safety argument as to why they can't share the lane.

    Motorcycles are grouped with cars for their speed abilities - but can also be grouped with cyclists for their small size and agility. At the end of the day, the only different is a motor.
  18. ps, I am a cyclist too!
  19. I can understand the reasoning behind what you are saying Dan. The only problem I could see if the guys and gals with the motors do not sit at the responsible speed. Also how long do they use the lane, I think we could co-exist easily with some provisions
  20. Simple things like:

    - 20kph speed limit
    - give way to cyclists
    - no overtaking in bike lane
    - no tailgaiting
    - use only when traffic in vehicle lane is stationary or travelling <20kph
    - Indicate and rejoin traffic when speed > 20kph
    - keep to right of lane at intersections to allow cyclists to lean on lampposts :LOL:


    - make it illegal for motorcyclists who use the skinny lane

    Which one sounds easier to implement? Common sense isn't financially viable these days.