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walla with gear stick gleneg rally

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bonneville53, Jan 2, 2011.

  1. hi
    was in a pub and this dude says he had a walla with a clutchless lever gear shift that he used to ride in the gleneg rally. i just smiled and thought i will google that later. but nothing showed up so here i am. does this bike exist grateful for any information.

  2. He may have been talking about a rekluse clutch. Quite common on dirt bikes.... Google that :) They still have a lever but you don't need to use it.

    * I don't know what a "walla" is.... :s
  3. never heard of a walla myself
    i think he may have had too many jacks
    maybe he was a wally!!!!
    it was nye after all
  4. [​IMG]

    There's your lever, dunno about the clutch tho
  5. is that a walla or a hd
  6. Both dude - it's a 1942 Harley Davidson WLA (aka "Walla").
    There's lot's of references around to suicide clutches (ie a lever attached to the gear shifter), and a few to a complicated-sounding foot-operated "rocker" clutch, but I can't see anything about a clutchless model.
  7. thanks
    you have cleared it up for me
    i did find out on google that the suicide clutch was because it was foot operated and if you had to put your foot down to balancve at the lights you ended up shotting out into the traffic. luckily not much traffic in those days. this guy reckoned that you backed off on the throttle and changed gear when the revs were right like in a truck. he also said when stopped it didnt engage until you gave it some throttle. so it wasnt a suicide model. maybe he was fair dinkum he just seemed to be enjoying telling people things they didnt have a clue about and faithful old google didnt help but you did. thanks
  8. No problem.
    His description sounds like a centrifugal clutch, as in a scooter or chainsaw for eg - you don't get drive unless the engine is revving high enough to spin the clutch out...
    It's possible he wasn't bullspitting you, since they were introduced into vehicles as early as 1936.
  9. i have dun a few miles on walla,s ,,they are 750 cc flat head hd,,,,standed they came with 3 speed gear box , my mates back in the day removed the 3 speed harley box ,and fitted a 4 speed triumph preunit gear box ...with the right sprocket combo , 100mph ..thats 160kmph for you young ones...the brakes are verry poor, and dont forget hard tail .rode one from sydney to broadford in vic,, party for 2 days at broadford with a lot of clubs, and ride home ,,,that was 1982 ,and even back then the cops had every bike pulled over and and cheked for warrents and all the same crap that we cop today
  10. btw
    that front drum looks very scarey
    reminds me of my enfield back in the day haha
    love those disc
  11. No one has yet so I suppose its up to me.

    "Theres a heap of these buried in the scrub outside of darwin, the US army left them there after the war cos it was cheaper to dump them than take them home."
    Must be true cos a local at the pub told me, and for a carton of green cans he'll tell you where thay are..8-[
  12. Aboard the Mauna Loa perhaps? it was a US supply vessel sunk in the Coral Sea with its cargo including a bunch of Enfield motorcycles (which were originally thought to be HD's).
    Perfect story to score a slab with, since it's true they're still there...
  13. anyway thanks for the info
    the guy who told the story made it sound like he was the bike mystic
    but in realitly the wla is a piece of shit
    on we go staying upright
    btw went up the putty yesterday after reading a post about a new cafe
    lovely ride no wind little traffic no cops
    hadnt been up for 2 years since the old one burnt down
    the statue is cool
    good ride just be aware that wide loads can be coming at you on the double 35 km
    the beer is good and cold at Broke
    stay up right ok
  14. The WLA is a "piece of shit"
    Not bad coming from someone who had to google it.
    What do you base your statement on?

    I have four Wallas in my shed and you need to remember they are 69 years old.
    They are actually a fun thing to ride.
  15. I own one an its a piece if shit, but its a farken cool peice of shit. Mines 68 this year and its still runs/ran before i pulled it apart.
  16. It's questionable whether anything that was regularly shown to be heavy, slow and outdated by the BSA M20 could be regarded as any good by any objective standard :D.
  17. you only think its a piece of shit because your not man enough to kick start a real bike ... you fags can only press a button , you need skill to ride a old motor bike ...manual advance ,retard ignition,,,yes thats right as you go up a hill you have to advance the timeing by your left hand grip on your handle bars,,,,
  18. Here's an interesting project that I am trying to finish this year.


  19. niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice
  20. looks great,,tell us all about your bike....what frame is that.ect ect ect.. a bit slow of the mark but can get them going fast.....back in the 1970s my mates did some miles on there wla.s..you know you carnt kill them flat head motors,,,they go and go and go ....good luck on this bike....