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Walking Stick Storage on a Motorbike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Stueh, Mar 26, 2009.

  1. G'day Everyone,

    So, I'm new to riding on the road, and joined up tonight, spent a couple of hours reading, and finally decided to post my first question :]

    So, I suffer from something called Tendinosis (aka Chronic Tendinitis). It's sort of hard to explain, so you might want to google it, but basically, certain muscles and tendons aren't as strong as they should be and are very painful to use, hence, everyone two weeks out of a month I'll be using a walking stick.

    And before anyone starts on about I shouldn't be riding a bike when I have a "physical disability" (which, in my eyes, it is not. I'm also very strong on the point that I can do anything you can do! :)), I would like to point out that it only effects my right thigh, knee on odd occasions, and my left shoulder very rarely. Also, let me warn you that I can very effectively ride on the dirt no problem, and have been doing so for a while.

    Back to the subject. When I'm riding dirt and am on the walking stick, I just leave it where I mount the bike, and stop right next to it when I'm done. Now, I'll be using the bike home-work-home, and so need a way to transport my walking stick with me.

    My bike is a 2005 Honda CB250. Now, I have two ideas on how I can transport a stick with me.

    First idea actually came from a TV show, and while may seem somewhat ... crude? Stupid maybe ... has anyone seen House? Where he has a couple of clips on his bike for his stick? If I could do that, it would be awesome, I'm just not sure what the best way of mounting it would be.

    Second idea is more traditional. My grandfather used to use a folding stick. Basically, you can fold the stick into 2 or 3 pieces, effectively changing it from 3 feet long to 1 foot, and being able to fit in my backpack.

    I like the idea of the second one, only problem being a GOOD folding stick, which won't break within 6 months, will cost me some $150, and I'll have to get it out my backpack and unfold it every time I stop, as oppose to just grabbing it off a mount of some sort.

    So, does anyone else have any good ideas? :)
  2. Go the House method - if for no other reason than that i love that show! :LOL:

    Seriously though - i seem to remember he uses a tube of some sort, not clips..? will do some investigation for both our sake...
  3. Haha, another house fan! :)

    Yeah, I'm leaning towards the House option. I could have sworn he used metal clips. I have all the episodes, but I don't want to look through them to find it.

    Thing is, a CB250 isn't exactly straight along the side. It's somewhat ... curvy? So the stick won't be flush with the bike.

    Also, I love my walking stick! I made it with my grandfather shortly before he died. Took us about two days to machine it, sand, varnish etc., out of oak. Don't wanna go losing that! :)
  4. do this....





    something LIKE that. ie, a walking stick and not an umbrella would A: look uber cool (specially if you had a cool walking stick) and B: would fit inbetween you and your backpack.

    wouldn't be too expensive i imagine either (to get the holder thing.
  5. Oh my god. I didn't even think of that! I have a long bag for my fire-twirling stick sitting in the cupboard! Seeing I haven't been fire-twirling for about 12 months, that bag might suit.

    Only qualm is, I'm wondering how a solid oak stick would feel between my back and backpack, and, it might be a little pokey, sticking out the side a little. More chance of catching on something :S
  6. Something that I used to see a lot of, at rallies in the UK, was a length of PVC pipe mounted in the manner of a rear facing mortar behind the rider. This was relatively easy on old UJMs, where there was generally a diagonal frame member from the rider's footpeg up to the top shock mounting. Pipe would be fastened to this and would protrude above seat height as necessary. Fixing methods generally involved big Jubilee clips and lots of ingenuity. Bottom of pipe was blanked off with a stop end. Stick or crutches were retained in place with a bungee (occy strap).

    Alternatively, these folk might be able to provide some ideas.
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    2:20. Methinks you're right. :wink:

    Looks like a clip rigged up on the RHS passenger footpeg, dunno what it would slot into on the front...but my suggestion would be a couple inch long tube, just bigger than your cane thickness..?

    For those who can't be bothered watching the video, a quick screen cap.



    Now THAT would keep the dirty cagers off my tail...
  8. I think 17SJS has it!

    I've got a bit of a design forming in my head here thanks to 17SJS, PatB, and House of course!

    I'm thinking, a small piece of PVC piping, only about 20cm long and a little bit bigger in diamter than my stick, between the front of the seat and the tool box. This way it will be a bit below and around the middle length of my thigh. Then, up on the tail, I could have a metal clip which clips on to the handle, not the stick itself. This way, the stick will be held horizontally (both forward and back as well as left and right) and the clip on the handle will hold it to stop it from jumping out of the PVC from accelerating.

    I can draw a wee diagram if anyone doesn't understand? :)

    This is all starting to make sense in my head now. I just have to get the parts and pull up the guts to drill into my little baby.

    Probably won't get done for a few weeks, but I'll take pics and post? :)
  9. Pretty much exactly what I envisioned - though I was thinking ziptie the PVC on somehow so that no holes have to be drilled through the bike. i know i couldn't bring myself to do it to mine, ever. :eek:

    Definitely want to see pics of the final arrangement. I don't need a cane myself (yet... :shock: ) but in searching for that image, i found a website that sells House cane replicas - as in the black cane with the flames.

    I want. :grin:
  10. They're about $30US, and you can order them from here or here.

    As far as clipping a walking stick to the bike; I think the short tube with the bottom on it is a good idea for sliding the end in to. Then a clip up the top for holding it there.
    I'd suggest for the clip, you don't use a loose design that would let the walking stick slide or bounce out of the tube at the bottom.
    Something like a guitar capo would give you a strong clip that also grips the walking stick, and won't damage it either because it has rubber on the jaws.
  11. I used a fold into 3 walking stick for a while, it's as sturdy as any other walking stick I've used, but most conveniently it packed up small enough to put in my backpack!

    By the sounds of it you're looking at clipping yours onto your bike, but if you want a quick and easy solution just get yourself a folding stick and be done with it...
  12. something that may work to hold the top of the stick although a little out of the ordinary is the holders for snowboards in ski shops. dont ask me what they are called but they work by pushing the board up through the holder and then the weight of the board pushing down on the jaws holds it.. if i can get an image ill post it but it would work.
  13. Hi mate, Aldi have a fold up walking stick in their catolog for next week, $15 or so, don't know if it's good though. Good luck, let us know how you go! :grin:
  14. most tool shops + (dare i say it) bunnings i think also carry clips that you can push and hold rod/bars etc (i have a couple at home for holding breaker bars/socket bars etc on the wall) should be easy enough to mount 2 of them to the bike to hold the stick :)

    geez been a busy month this week, first the how to carry fishing rods then how to mount a skateboard, now how carry a walking stick.....can't wait to see next weeks topic of how to bring the kitchen sink :LOL:
  15. I got my fold up walking stick for under $20 at a chemist, already had a solid single piece walking stick and found no difference between them in strenth, weight etc. Just the fold up one was a lot more convenient
  16. Don't forget about the golf clubs! Actually, how did that one turn out...?
  17. walking stick at work, and walking stick at home?
  18. I want that umbrella!


    I can so see myself running up to a busy intersection yelling ZUUUAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! Then cranking the umbrella up to protect me from the onslaught of rainwater. :LOL:
  19. I've got awesome images in my head of you speeding loudly up to park your bike somewhere, flicking the ignition and getting off, removing helmet etc, then unclipping a walking frame and hobbling off while spectators are just gobsmacked. haha
  20. Just keep in mind when thinking about slinging anything across your back or carrying it in a backpack: What would be the effect if, having been launched five foot into the air by a collision, I'm came down back first and landed on it square against my spine? My mate experienced that with a disk lock in his backpack.

    There's an old guy gets around where I live, on an electric start big dirt bike with the pvc walking stick holder.