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Walking in gear through CBD

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by nina, May 30, 2012.

  1. Since riding I have discovered one interesting feature:
    If walking in the CBD wearing my gear, people move out of my way and leave me space. Instead of bumping into me because it's busy, I actually have room to move :D

    Well the look that people give me, I can live without. Maybe my imagination plays a part as well, when I believe that people stare at me, just because I am wearing motorcycle gear?

    Am I the only one who believes that people move out of my way, due to me wearing my gear?

  2. i walked into myer womens wear wering my full race suit, boots and gloves and matte black helmet with tinted visor.

    They didnt find it as funny as i did and now im banned from womens wear.
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  3. What kind of gear?
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  4. ^ don't do it phil
  5. I nearly did. LoL
  6. this happens to me all the time. i park my bike a block away from where i work and walk up through the cbd to get to my office.

    since it's been colder, i've been wandering around in my jacket and boots for longer than i did in summer (i'd ditch the jacket the moment i got off the bike then). i've also gone on a few lunchtime excursions.

    people, especially other women, take an inexplicable interest in me when i'm wearing motorbike boots and jacket, and holding a helmet. everyone gets out of my way. it's weird.

    like, dudes, it's a bike with a motor, not a unicorn. go about your business.8-[
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  7. I feel like this when I'm walking with my jacket on.
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  8. Leather
    Something about it ....
  9. It's because you smell.
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  10. I want a Unicorn now.....
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  11. I've had that happen as well, walked through a Westfield shopping centre and everyone just looked at me in a weird way. Also I get blank stares from the other girls at work when I talk about riding my bike, its a real conversation stopper! I even park my bike right outside the office door and have my helmet sitting on my desk, and yet even after a while of doing that, one of the girls still thought I rode a pushbike.
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  12. That is big time :bannanabutt:
  13. Here ya go....

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  15. Hahaha picturing that in my head makes a funny movie lol
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    WTF how the **** does this get 63million plus views!!!
  17. I know what you're saying ametha. I tried walking through Bunnings with full leathers and I felt so self conscious - with the stares and people moving out of my way (while staring), I nearly walked out without the no-more-gaps! I'd never go the whole Westfield thing :D
  18. It might have something to do with the public perception that everyone that rides a motorbike is part of a club that goes around shooting each other.

    I've gone to watergardens shopping centre with my gear on I can't recall people moving out of my way but it's not nearly as packed as the CBD.
  19. I am 6'4" tall and my shoulders are 3'6" wide. That is a standard reaction for me. Even more now I have shoulder length hair for the first time, and my beard is coming in nicely. Then I get my leathers on...
  20. Because it's interweb gold