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Walkie Talkies

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Zagan, Feb 19, 2005.

  1. Just bought a 2 walkie talkie kit, for bike to bike comms just wondering if anyone has used them for this before.

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  3. Ok, I'll tell you what I got today, I'll try them tomorrow on a bike ride.

    I got a Dick smith 2 walkie Talkie kit, for $84 a single walkie talkie is $39, I thought this was super cheap, seeing as a uniden 2 walkie talkie kit was $194.

    The walkie Talkies will do all 40 channels, has a open and quiet chat modes, open is hear everyone quiet is where you only hear the walkie talkies set to a channel and send a special code or something and you'll only hear those walkie talkies.

    They also have a function called VOX, VOX is where you simply talk and your voice is sent out, so no need to press a button then talk.

    As well as the above, they come with a charger and the recharge batties for both walkie talkies.

    The major reason why I got these is that the kit incudes 2 ear plugs and mics on a cable so for $84 I'm set for bike to bike comms (hopfully)

    A great deal I thought over the uniden 2 CB kit are better 4 klm range, but the uniden kit have no headsets and you need to buy them on top of the $194 you shell out on them, the uniden ones can be controlled by voice though.

    Soon see what ends up happening though, I'm really hoping this will work out well and if it does the kit will be really worth the money as extra CBs are only $39 and other people can go and buy them to join in.

    I got the 2 CBs as buying 1 is pretty much the same as having none, most people probably won't want to buy one themselves etc unless they can try it out.
  4. Unless they have good noise filter VOX feature is going to be a bane for you. You'll probably just get wind noise and gear changes once you are going faster than about 40km. VOX also has delay before you start transmitting.....which means you don't get the first few words making it hard to understand.

    Going cheap on this stuff isn't the way to do it, I tried it and have wasted cash doing it.

    I'd also suggest that unless you are going to get a dedicated bike to bike system like the autocomms then a Push to talk (PTT) button attached to the handle bars is a much better option then VOX.
  5. Yes I was thinking about the VOX etc, I did think about a bike intercom etc but I have asportsbike so there's no where to really put a bhear type system on the bike.

    The CB's should be ok, won't be chatting all the way down the road, really just need it for when there's problems and stuff and knowing what people are doing.

    A few days ago had gone for a bike ride and I had raced up the road ahead of my friend also on a bike but he had ran out of fuel and had switch over to reserve and had to take it easy up the road, and after 10 15 mins he caught up to me again but was pointing at his fuel tank but I had no idea what he was meaning.

    Again same trip but on the way home and he had done 200klms on the highway, on a 250 and was happy about that and was giving me 2 fingers up meaning he had done 200klms on his bike, but to me that has no meaning, I thought hje was meaning lets got to the second exit as we were getting off the highway.

    I was thinking about what you said though but only after I had posted, I will get those headsets but I don't really have the time to get them before hand or the cash right now :), but I did see on that website that have the Dick Smith CBs for sale with the headsets as I was wondering what the deal would be for the PTT button, so I guessing my CBs will still be ok.

    If things work out ok though it'll just end up being so handy to have as things can happen at anytime and sometimes it's not always easy to find someone or get back to them if they end up in trouble.
  6. I know what ya saying but I just think a mobile phone is all that's really needed. I don't really want to listen to someone else yakking away to me while I'm concentrating on the road. It would be good for warning others if there was a road hazard up ahead though but not if the inconvenience out weighs the convenience of such a device.
  7. Zagan, keep us posted on how it works out for you with wind noise and VOX.

    Toyboy, have you tried the mobile phone set up? I'm considering it, but I'm not really sure if I want a good ride stuffed up by pointless phone calls.

    By the way, I love how the censors hit Dick Smith electronics. Good thing his name isn't **** Smith. :shock:
  8. Leftleg, on the website founbd a page about the DSE1793 CBs, they say they are good for the price but can't use the PTT button with them.

    So you have to use the VOX function on them but they are a little slow just tried them at home and I see the problem now, but still it's not too bad.

    I will post up about it maybe tonight as I'm thinking of giving them a quick test run with another guy tonight rather than wait to tomorrow.

    One problem though the ear plug and mic are the cheapie mobile ones so the CBs could end up on all the time maybe not don't know I'm hoping it'll work ok at least.

    As for mobiles they might be good sound wise, but I don't see the point as you have to pay for the calls to another bike, where as you could get a good CB and talk about anything with no costs to you.

    If I did have the cash I would have gotten the Uniden CBs but I didn't have a spare $200 just for CBs.

  9. Nope - My mobile phone just sits in my pocket and is only checked when I stop for a break. If the mobile phone setup you speak of can be heard and answered while riding easily, then I'm all for that but I'll only use it if I'm expecting an important call.
  10. dont forget with vox, nothing worse than hearing ya mate coughing for half and hour :p ... on that note.. im trying to rig up my uniden radio with speakers built into my helmet and mic attachment.
  11. Some people are actually grateful that I can't talk while I'm riding! Can you believe that! froflmao!
  12. Absolutely Bond Girl :)

    You are a kind hearted trouble maker :)
  13. One thing to add, mobile calls *can* be free in a fashion. Vodafone + Optus (not sure who if anyone else does it) but there are cap plans. i.e $49 cap and use up to ~$200 for same price, $79 cap and use up to ~$500 or something around those amounts. My vofafone cost is always at the cap but I make a lot of sms' and calls to friends without worry about being charged anything over $79. Very handy