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Walhalla & Thomson Dam via Noojee - Sun 21 Oct

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Sir Ride Alot, Oct 19, 2007.

  1. Big Big Ride, Woo Hoo,

    Some fellow riders/Net Riders are heading off to Walhalla and Thomson Dam via Noooojeeee Sunday.

    We will be departing at 9:00am from the small car park at the North West corner of the Ring Rd and Plenty Rd Bundoora, (just off the exit).

    Route will go through Warrandyte, Lilydale, Yarra Junction, Noojee, Moe, Walhalla (lunch), Thomson Dam and home via Noojee or Highway.

    All welcome.

    Disclaimer: This is not an official ride.
  2. Looks like a great ride! Might joing you if you don't mind instead of going to Mt Baw Baw. I havn't been to Walhalla for years. How far do you think it is all up? Hope rain doesn't arrive to early! :grin: How many going?

  3. paul-b it would be great to have you join in. Distance will be over 300kms but don't know for sure. It will definately be a long one. Originally planned for approx 6 riders but things change.

  4. depending on return time, mind if i join you?

    nothing planned yet for sunday, except work around 4 or 5pm (i choose roughly when i start :grin:)

    i'd join you at Lilydale, and be home/work before others as im in the southeast.

  5. nibor, the more the merrier. We should be turning onto the Warburton hwy from Maroondah hwy around 9:30ish.

  6. Thanks and look forward to it. I ride a blue hornet.

  7. any idea of a return ETA though? thats my deciding factor :(

    cheers for the offer though
  8. nibor unable to give an eta. Usually rides like this one, people tend to peel off at their own times and head home via different routes. Last time we did this one most people took the freeway home from Moe.
  9. paul_b where will you be joining up?
  10. Im in meet you at Yarra Junction 10:15am
  11. I'm in oakleigh so it doesn't really make much difference.... Will be at the carpark on Plenty Rd/Ring Rd at 9:00am.

  12. Hey Paul
    I will be leaving Mobile Rowvill at 9:00 -9:10 am for a meet up with the guys at Yarra Junction at 10:15ish, if you want to join up at the servo i know a great way to ride up to Yarra Junction the back way.

    let us know

    cheers Joe.
  13. Bad timing Sir Ride Alot. I'm going to the HART Ride for Life day on Sunday, otherwise I would have joined you. Next time. :grin:
  14. no ride tomorrow for me :(

    got up close and personal with an oil slick down GOR today, lowsided nicely. no damage to me (compliments to the leathers), but the bloke behind went down trying to avoid me, his knee is a lil buggered but should be ok in a week or 2.

    enjoy the ride :)
  15. Hi Joe,
    I'll take you up on the offer. Bit shorter way than the original meeting place. I did think about heading out that way to hook up but I don't know anyone from the group and it would be just my luck to miss everyone! lol
    See you at Mobile Rowville at 9am.

  16. see you at the servo Paul

    it will be a good ride :)

    anyone else thats interested in comming from this way is also welcome to join in. We will be moving along so make sure you have your riding hat on. :LOL:
  17. nibor it's good to hear you are ok. Catch you on the next one.
  18. jypt glad you're joining in Big Fella. Can't wait to see the nu toy.

    Is there a full moon this weekend? :shock:
  19. See you boys in the morning...
  20. See you at the 9am meet point in Rowville :grin: