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Walhalla Ride on Labour Day

Discussion in 'VIC' started by firefling, Mar 11, 2005.

  1. Thinking of finally going to Walhalla. Going via Emerald and meandering my way there. Meet at maccas on cnr Springvale Rd and Wellington Rd at 10am. Leaving at 10:30am. :)

  2. Sounds good....
  3. I would have loved to come on this as i have been contemplating this one for some weeks now. Unfortunately i'm out for this weekend but would love to take a mate at a later date. If this comes up again please pm me and if the timings right i'll be in on it. GGRRRR bummer! :cry:
  4. Sounds like a plan 'fling. Should see you there.
  5. walhalla

    What time will you be at Noojee?

    Dont forget this is a long weekend and the cars will be on those roads in abundance.
    So will those cars with cameras, and those with receipts for the donations to the government coffers via the state police force. Be careful on all accounts.



    Sorry. I have just been told I cannot be there on the Monday. Bah Humbug again.

    I'll go for a spin somewhere on the Sunday instead.

  6. If this rides still on I'll c u at Maccas.
  7. Hey Minna, we will meet you at Maccas, can you have 2 coffees waiting for us? Both white, 1 with 2 sugars and the other with half :D:D:D :LOL:

    Thanx Wench ;)