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Walden Miller Leather

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Owen, Oct 3, 2005.

  1. Do many people own leather clothing made by walden miller?
    They're totally aussie and quite cheap.

  2. Two jackets and a pair of pants. Good quality hand-me-downs, that's I'd still be wearing if I didn't have my custom suit from Underdog. The items I have must be at least 20 years old, and they still look fantastic. If the quality hasn't changed, I'd recommend them. :)
  3. Dunno about the Walden Miller gear .. have heard good reports, not the cheapest pricewise though.

    I got a Torrini/Black Rose jacket about 13 months ago and both wrist zips have given way already ... not real happy .. although the jacket itself is fine.

    Got a pair of leather pants back in March whilst up in Canberra for the Ulysses/Ole Phartz AGM .. they're Moto Armour brand ... very impressed with both the quality/comfort and especially the price!!!

    Harold from Moto Armour had a stand at the Southern Classics over the weekend .. a great guy to deal with .. I'd recommend his gear no probs at all ...

    http://www.motoarmour.com/ ... have a looksee ...
  4. Walden Miller are the only brand i'll use for leathers.
    They've been around the longest, still use the highest quality leather and when compared to those other brands that's when you see the difference.
    Over the last 20 years, i've had 3 track suit and 2 road suits all of which are still holding together. The Walden Miller gloves i have are 18 years old been through 4 splats and are still in great nick.

    Can't recomend WM enough, plus there a South Aussie company :)
  5. the moto armor guy on the gold coast has burnt a few people i know.. not recommended.
  6. Hokey-dokie ... that's the beauty of these here forums .. word spreads ... both good AND bad :wink:

    I can't understand anyone in this day and age of internet forums etc ... doin' the dirty on folks from what is essentially a "niche market" ... :roll:

    Goodta hear of your experience Shabby .. as I said I've had nothing to do with Walden Miller stuff but ALL reports I've heard were excellent ... (since getting my gear I might add :roll: ) ... :)

    Tanya ... bummer to hear about the Moto-Armour stories ... as I said, I was happy with the leather pants I got ... BUT .. if others have been "burned" then that's no good at all :shock: :(
  7. I have a jacket and pants made by Walden Miller, and highly recommend them. I'll declare that Linton Miller, one of the owners, is a friend of mine, which means I get looked after really well, but the products are excellent, they back up what they make, the prices arent the cheapest, but the stuff is the best quality. Certainly better than the taiwanese and pakistani made stuff about. They custom make gear as well, its well designed and well made. I would recommend them anytime.