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Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by bonneville53, Jul 15, 2016.

  1. hi
    After a week of heavy wind and rain we were beginning to think our weekend would be canned
    Arranged to meet at carro 9am sat
    Full crew, minus Vasco, and beautiful sunshine
    Off we go through medowie, up thunderbolts, right at Gloucester and some lunch at Taree
    No wind, sun on our backs, no traffic and no police
    Short boat up the hwy to bago Rd then up the Oxley
    Road in good nick and little stop go stuff
    Weather still kind
    Didn't stop for a beer at long flat cos time was moving on
    Once we came out on the tops it got cold bitterly cold
    30 kms and a roaring fire and a beer and all good
    Having breakfast next morning, -2% and a solid frost
    We hung about until 9.30 then headed down thunderbolts
    Rain about but we missed it all
    Lunch in Gloucester then heavy traffic into Newy
    Debrief at the prince and smile as we drink our coopers
    Ya gotta love the blacktop and a few good mates
    No breakdowns(2 HDs involved) no tickets
    Can't wait till next ride

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  2. very nice mate, any pics?
  3. Sounds like a classic loop. My brother says Thunderbolt's Way is in really bad condition: your comment????

  4. It was bumpy in places but no big holes, I have seen it worse
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  5. No unfortunately
    I left my phone at home on the charger
  6. Here's some video of a ride I did last week ... came back along Thunderbolt's and didn't find it any worse than usual.

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  7. some nice scenery
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  8. very nicely put together vid Andy! some of that footage wouldn't have looked out of place in the Long Way Round.
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  9. Great viewing (y)
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