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walcha ride ...To Infinity and beyonnnnnnd !!

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by RUMPYTRUMPY, Jan 27, 2006.

  1. The Coffs Coast riders group... and its 6 mighty members !! :shock: are off on an adventure up the oxley highway tomorrow , over night to walcha and over the mountains home ...woooohooo !!

    The esteemed " Revened Bob" aka mark who's own bike has been off the road now for a lil while :LOL: .... has been LENT a demo ( with paid insurance as a Good will gesture for the weekend !! and guess what its a trumpy !!
    Mighty show of support for a dealer to do that !! hats off to em !!

    that'll be 3 trumpys

    Good luck to us all and may the Gods ... blah blah blah .... see signature below .

    Too Infinity and beyoooooonnnnnd !! \:D/

    See results in next issue......... :LOL:
  2. I hope you all have a great time tomorrow, I'll get to the Oxley in March so let me know what it's like.
  3. mmmm Oxley to Walcha, one of THE nirvana roads, sometime this year, and then back down Thunderbolt's Way to Singleton and down the Putty

    Have a great time, and be careful......
  4. thanks mate we will all be careful .... yeah i read your post a while back on your walcha experience , but being one of those nirvana roads makes the trouble all worth while
  5. yeehaaaa !! what a ride !!

    we all met at our regular meeting point Kellie on the 600 daytona , Chris on his 600 CBR f4 , petie on his Soozook bandit 1200 , dale in his little honda cruiser type thingy ( didnt really take much notice of what it was), Mark on the borrowed Srint ST and myself on the RS ..... all eager as hell waiting for Kellie to show (5 mins late) seemed like an eternity.
    the first day was amazing to say the least . we headed down the pacific hwy to gladstone (got our 1st taste of off the highway twisties , and a good cuppa) from there to wauchope via some more off the highway twisties , fuelled up in wauchope , by now the troops were getting eager to hit the real stuff, Dale(being the only cruiser rider) at this point left us and headed back home to Coffs . we werent dissapointed from the word go out of the driveway until we hit Gingers creek was Ballistic ! caravans and 4WDS left in our wake, we Didnt really see much of Chris from the moment we hit the 1st of the seriuos Twisties i was behind him and as soon as we entered the 35 Kmh corner saw his body position and how he kept the speed up i realised this guys can ride within about 4 corners he was out of sight so from my perspective the rest of this leg was just me alone in my own little world trying my hardest to catch a glimpse of the speedy little Honda ahead ( i think i saw him once but didnt really see him until we met at gingers creek him with his helmet and jacket already off having a drink ) shortly after Kellie showed up then petie and mark .
    About an hour or so later and a hell of a lot of comparing stories and the possible near offswe had we set off again we had arranged to Stop at some waterfalls about 40 ks short of Walcha (cant remember the name)
    this peice of road seems as good if not better than The 1st but for different reasons the 1st stint was all high adrenalin twisties with no real speeds above 100 kph .....but this leg began that way then opened up to open road with 110 kph speed limits .... im not going to comment on the speeds reached here ... you can use your imagination. Chris and Kellie led the way and were the 1st to turn into the turnoff to the waterfall so i waited by the road to make sure Mark and pete knew where we were. Shortly after they came along I am waving like a goose and they didnt see me till it was nearly too late . Pete pulled over about 20 mtrs past the turnoff and mark attempted to but this wanker in a landcruiser was still tailgating him at 120 kph . we saw he was slowing so we elected to take off to the falls. Next thing Mark comes in and He has DROPPED THE LOANED BLOODY TRUMPY !! attempting to turn around had a 0 kph off .... thats a ZERO kmh off .... damage not too bad some minor scratches on the right side of the fairing , but mark was OK which was the main thing (except for a sore back from picking the thing back up )
    we cruised into Walcha Found the New england hotel and checked in ..... Over all the 1st Day was Exhilarating and mentally Draining so we set about Killing some of the brain Cells we had Stressed that day .... nosense keeping them they were worn out anyway. at that point we set about painting Walcha as red as possible. Visited every pub and ended up back at our Host pub ,we met up with a couple of fellas from Newcastle who had come up off The pacific Hwy via Bulledelah.
    the publican there was excellent and agreed to stay open while we stayed partying.... ANYONE PLANNING A TRIP The New england Hotel Was excellent 20 Bucks per night for a single comfortable room (you can find them on the net by googling Walcha).

    Day 2

    all out of Bed by about 8.30 showered Fed and on the road by 9.30 which was pretty amazing considering the condition of most of us the previuos evening. Up to armidale then Ebor and onto Dorrigo . Once again this leg is all fast open country . We stopped at Dorrigo to expel some of the contaminants we had taken in the previuos night and from there Down the twisties to Bellingen and home to Coffs.

    Over all an excellent trip , good company and plenty of cornering practise

    Definately reccomend that run to anyone

    It is with great sorrow that i now realise this is the last ride I will have with these wonerful people for a while as I am moving away to Newcastle .... BUT .... i'll bee barrrk !!
  6. Great to read of a good ride, safely completed, rumpy!
  7. maybe soon you can do it with some newcastle peeps :)
    What was the waterfall like? I saw the turnoff for it last time I went but I didnt bother looking.
  8. Let me do a deal for you!
    Walcha ride 8-9th of April (CMA Event) $25 per head this incules accom & bedding.
    Putty Rd-Singleton then onto Tamworth and across to Walcha, units booked in van park. Next day Walcha to the coast, down the highway via Buladelah
    Watch this space http://www.cmaaus.org/~nsw/index.html and click on the calendar link

  9. I can definately see that hapening , if i cant find a group to join in newcastle i will creat my own , keep an eye out mate .. the water fall wasnt bad actually it was pretty standard as far as waterfalls go .... water goes over cliff water falls

  10. hmmm count me in .... ill meet you at singleton , whats the CMA ?? post your plans on this site and ill keep an eye out for it
  11. As the "chick" in the group, let me say to my own defence - the only time you had to wait for me was at the start... yes I was 5 minutes late, but I think I made up for that on the rest of the trip.

    Second word of warning... if anyone is visiting Walcha and you go to the bowling club, don't say you're from Coffs Motorcycle Club, or they may kick you out before you get to say "ele-fant".

    Third - the Triumphs all performed extremely well (as you'd expect), but how about those 600cc bikes (my Trumpy and Chris' CBR-600F4i). It just goes to show that you don't need a big bike to keep up in the twisties (or on the open road).

    All great time had by all... I think we should make it an annual Netrider event (run to Walcha) from all over the state, or at least those from Newcastle north anyway! :grin:
  12. good idea , would be a top weekend , maybe we could even get them to close the roads off for a couple of hours ..... the Wauchope race to the Sky :LOL: :LOL:
  13. CMA is the Christian Motorcyclist's Association, Rumpy, you'd be most welcome to join in I'm sure :LOL:

    I've certainly put it in my diary!

  14. Nah ill pass on that thanks anyway :wink: i like to do too many unchristian things on my weekends away :LOL:
  15. Let's get together for a ride in Newcastle when you're settled there, mate, I'd love to meet the infamous rumpytrumpy.....
  16. yeah sure will do , i am thinking of renting a place with an oversized garage so i can house riders from all over :LOL: ..... with razor wire and armed guards on the gate ...i think ill have to see if the hells angels are renting their place out
  17. Good on ya mate nice ride report and was great to ride with you, enjoy my time on the RS :roll: had a great time guarding the rear the air is nice back there :grin: great road and no blue light discos to worry about.
  18. yeah unsure how it ended up in general discussion.... maybe because we arent in melbourne , but i spose its better than jokes and humour. tha air back where you were would have been clogged with exhaust fumes and tyre smoke
  19. Aww man, that is the best road and your report was excellent. Next time anyone wants to head up drop me a line. Last (and only) time I did it was on the mighty GS500 where I discovered what a bike feels like when the front lets go..... I think she was warning me not to be a dick. Love to take the might Z for a blast!
  20. Don't fret rumpy - the inquisition is long over, haven't had to burn anyone at the stake since last november. :twisted:

    As far as fitting in and what we do - lets see - saturday we'll ride, that night we'll have dinner at the pub with a couple of ales, sunday we'll ride - don't think there would be too much scope for coming undone there!

    And hornet - we'll keep you in the loop! :wink: