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Wakefield Practice/Ride Day 17th March

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by Dezerteagle, Mar 16, 2007.

  1. Anyone going down to Goulburn tomorrow?

    Me and a couple of mates are, I'll be on a Black '03 R6.

    Please come and say hi (So I can pester you for pointers :LOL: )
  2. I'll wait until it's been upgraded before checking out Wakefield.
  3. Not just yet.
    Make sure post up your times.
  4. I got a 1:12 yesterday, alot of traffic and rivers across the track :LOL:

    It was torrential rain till around 10am.

    Good experience but led to a slightly slower day.
  5. upgrade wakefield? what could it need?
  6. It is being totally resurfaced :grin:
  7. Bout fookin time!

    Would be nice if they could do something about the run off on turn 1 aswell.
  8. whats wakefield like as a track for bikes?

    my mate went there on a 600 fazer and said it was ok but its more of a track for cars......
  9. but thinking about it a 600 fazer really isnt the best bike to be doing a track day on :grin:
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    I like WP,

    it is a track that makes you work hard for your turns :) It is very hard on the RHS of your tyre thats for sure, as there really is only one left hander. Although that one left hander is the hardest corner to get right!

    here are a couple of vids from my first WP trackday on my track bike. And my first ever experience of race pattern shift....

    I am on a 95 ZX6R, and my mate is on a ZX9R.


  11. Nice vids, got the adrenaline going just watching. Like that redline scream.
  12. cheers m8, i had some fun there! WP is good fun... well all tracks are ;)
  13. See for yourself. :wink:

  14. hey MG,

    that is funny as hell... that is me on my old road 05 ZX6R.... on my second ever track day! Unfortunately that bike met an unfortunate end on Mt BawBaw last year :( So thats why i have the 95 ZX6R track bike now ;)

    I also lost all my vids etc after a bloody PC crash of a mega scale! So was funny to see that one again! I think i originally posted it on Metacafe... not sure now, will have to look for it!

    *EDIT* Found it! http://www.metacafe.com/watch/200009/the_first_session/

    lol and another from Oran Park......


    here is a pic from the WP day also!

    Cheers MG as I had pretty much thought I had lost all this stuff! I had not thought about where I had posted it! You spurred me into tracking it down!